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Name: Alexander Sigursson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 29
Position: Engineer, Crewman.
Ship: USS Dennison
Status: Deceased

Alexander Sigursson

Alexander Sigursson was a crewman in the Engineering department on the USS Dennison. He was involved in an apparent accident whilst attending to a reported malfunction in a Jefferies Tube on deck three of the Vessel.

He was married to a Vulcan woman, and sadly the couple were unable to have a child; the miscarriage of their first heir causing psychological disturbances to both.

Described as "Just a loner when he had the chance to be" by Dylan Hedges.

Alexander Sigursson died after complications followed his injuries to the "accident" - initial electrical burns and a blow to the head were treated successfully by the Dennison's ACMO Lewis Nymes but the crewman died.

Current cause of death unknown. Motive for the Murder is unclear.