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Character Physical Information

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: 5.7

Weight: 168

Blood Colour: Red

Skin Colour: White

Physical Description: Is of medium build, with short spiky hair

Early Life

Alex was born on Earth in England on stardate 60134.2, his parents, Julie and Steve Jefferies are both Starfleet officers, Julie had Alex while she was on shore leave. Alex spent his early life travelling from star ship to star ship with his mum, though on several occasions he spent time with his father, Alex a first didn't like having to move from ship to ship as every time he made friends he knew that he would have to eventually leave and start all over again, but after a while he started to see it as more of an advantage as he had seen and experienced more then most children of his age.

At eighteen Alex moved to San-Francisco so that he could concentrate on his Starfleet application, he sent his application to Starfleet academy later that year, he was accepted first time, on a night out to celebrate his acceptance with some of his mates he meet Hayley Sales for the first time he was totally smitten with her and they soon started dating.

Starfleet Academy

When Alex first entered the Academy he at first wanted to become a pilot, but after a long chat with one of the instructors he decided to focus his course on the Operations career path.

On his first day at the Academy he meet Molly Hunter who became his roommate, they had a lot in common she was also the Operation career path, as well as juggling his course work, Alex still continued to date Hayley. During his second year at the Academy Hayley asked him to leave Starfleet, but Alex refused as he wanted to make a difference and serve the Federation like his parents had, so Hayley left him claiming she didn’t want to be another Starfleet widow, to get over the loss of the love of his life he buried himself in his course work and started to expand his skill set by attending extra courses, with the help of Molly he managed to get back to his normal self.

In his third year at the Academy his world was rocked again this time by the death of his father, the USS Wrathchild on which his father was lost with all hands, Starfleet was never able to explain what happened to the ship. Alex spiralled into a deep depression, he started to skip lectures and his course work suffered badly he was on the verge of being kicked out of the Academy altogether, he didn’t get back on track until Molly called his mum who was serving on the USS Clairvoyant to see if she could pay him a visit, as she feels that she maybe the only one to be able to reach. Alex was shocked to see his mum, she sat him down and told him that this wasn’t what his father would have wanted, he would have want Alex to be out there making a difference.

After the visit from his mum Alex is almost like a different person, he apologises to the Academy instructors and promises that he will have his course work all up to scratch, he then takes Molly out for a meal as a thank you all her support, it’s at this point that he realises that he has feelings for Molly but he decides not to act on them as he doesn’t want to ruin there friendship. Several months later he graduates the Academy and awaits his first posting.

Starfleet Career

Alex hopes that he will be posted with his long-term friend Molly Hunter but his hopes are dashed when she is assigned to the USS Stevenage, he then receives orders from Starfleet Command to report to Captain Stakes onboard the Starbase Geneva, when he arrives he finds Stakes is without a ship but that changes very soon

USS Mithrandir

The USS Mithrandir is sent to Starbase Geneva soon after Alex arrives, he will still be serving under Captain Stakes. Alex is the ship’s Assistant Chief of Operations, at the rank of Ensign (jg).

The Mithrandi is currently awaiting it’s first mission.

Medical History

Alex has been quite lucky and has a clean medical record though when he was younger he did suffer from space sickness.


As well having a good knowledge of ship systems Alex is also and excellent pilot, he has never flown a star ship, but he has passed his flying exams in shuttles and runabouts while he was at Starfleet Academy.


Alex hobbies mainly include sports he is an accomplished Badminton player, he is also a decent swimmer, he also has a fascination with history especially pre federation history

                                             Alex Jefferies is played by Tom Hughes