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The Starfleet Academy Marathon is a race of Starfleet cadets that occurs once a year.

In the marathon of 2323, on the planet Danula II, Jean-Luc Picard became the first freshman cadet to win the marathon. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II")


A certificate created for the Picard family album in Star Trek Generations, which was not seen on screen, stated that Picard won the forty first academy marathon in April of 2323. It also states that the distance of this marathon was forty kilometers, although the accepted distance since 1921 has been 42.195 kilometers.

It is possible that the reason why Picard's academy picture in Star Trek Nemesis depicted him with a shaved head is because he shaved his head for this marathon.

In the alternate reality, Pavel Chekov won the Academy marathon some time before his mission on the USS Enterprise in 2258, and was the youngest cadet to do so at the time. This calls into question the status of the marathon in the future, whether the event is first held earlier than in the prime reality, or is not held on a strictly annual basis.