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"The heart behind all operations of Starfleet in this sector, the starting point for every major incursion into the unknown regions of space. The administration behind every captain's dream of going where no one has dared go before. It is here that le rêve d'étoiles, The Dream of Stars, takes shape and is passed to Starship crews to be nurtured and be given final shape. Once captured, the dream never fades, and it is the job of Starfleet Command to ensure as many people pursue it as possible..."

Welcome to Freedom's Public Relations Website. In here, we have resources that sponser our game out on the internet, links with other sites and banner exchanges. We are here to get to word out about Star Trek : Freedom and get more people to visit the website and ultimately, join our game!

Wendy and Anthony, met in the game and got married

Marilyn, in her usual pose, with a glass of white surgically attached to her hand.

Liz and Adrie, married after meeting in the game
Just felt crazy that night.... come to think of it, that's my normal 'rubber' face. - Lori  

"Perhaps its better to do all the wrong things for all the right reasons, than to do all the right things for all the wrong reasons." - Charlie