Personal Bio for Melinda

Currently playing the following characters:

Domini Alizara (Starbase Geneva)
Vanyssa Winters (Starbase Geneva)
Lhiannon Kindell (Starbase Geneva)
Alesia Trenor (Starbase Geneva)
Michaella Kirien (Starbase Geneva)
Amari Riya (Starbase Geneva)
Elani (Ellie) Caras (Starbase Geneva)

Place of Birth : Prince Frederick, Maryland
Nicknames : Kels
Education : BA Art Studio - St Mary's College of MD
Where are you now? : Dayton OH
Current Job : G
Where is home? : Southern Maryland
What are you doing now? : raiding Laboratory of Lord Vyemm in EQ2 on my fury
Who do you live with? : Myself and 3 cats - Fujiko (siamese) Xander (maine coon) and Caesar (tom cat)
Hair Colour : black streaked with grey
Hair Length : waist
Eye Colour : grey
Height : 6 feet
Weight : :-)
List some of your TV shows : West Wing :-)
Pets : 3 cats
Medical Issues : yup
Gaming Experience : a long time in star trek freedom, then everquest 2
Sports you like? : biking
Some of your favourite Movies : Ever After
Last Film you saw : Happy Feet :-)
Best ST Film, why? : Star Trek 4 - Whales FTW
Best ST Series, why? : TNG - they introduced my favorite position - counsellor
Favourite Author : Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey
Favourite Book : The Rowan, A Little Princess
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : Tori Amos, Sonata Arctica, showtunes
Favourite Foods : Greek, gourmet salads and bacon cheeseburgers
Unfavourite Foods : liver, onions - onions /yuck
Favourite Drinks : strawberry daquiris - rum is yummy
Unfavourite Drinks : vodka is icky
Perfume/Aftershave : Bath and Body works Cherry Blossom
Phrases or words you overuse : FTW!
Hobbies : Everquest2
Least Favourite Things : Housecleaning
Favourite Things : my american girl dolls :-)
Describe Yourself :