Personal Bio for Melinda

Currently playing the following characters:

Domini Alizara (Starbase Geneva)
Vanyssa Winters (Starbase Geneva)
Lhiannon Kindell (USS Spectre)
Alesia Trenor (Starbase Geneva)
Michaella Kirien-Mias (USS Spectre)
Sophie Verin (Starbase Geneva)
Amari Riya (Starbase Geneva)
Elani Caras (USS Spectre)
Asaya Navarro (Starbase Geneva)
Elizabeth Wilson-Kirien (USS Spectre)

Place of Birth : Prince Frederick, Maryland
Nicknames : Kels
Education : BA Art Studio - St Mary's College of MD
Where are you now? : Dayton OH
Current Job : G
Where is home? : Southern Maryland
What are you doing now? : raiding Laboratory of Lord Vyemm in EQ2 on my fury
Who do you live with? : Myself and 3 cats - Fujiko (siamese) Xander (maine coon) and Caesar (tom cat)
Hair Colour : black streaked with grey
Hair Length : waist
Eye Colour : grey
Height : 6 feet
Weight : :-)
List some of your TV shows : West Wing :-)
Pets : 3 cats
Medical Issues : yup
Gaming Experience : a long time in star trek freedom, then everquest 2
Sports you like? : biking
Some of your favourite Movies : Ever After
Last Film you saw : Happy Feet :-)
Best ST Film, why? : Star Trek 4 - Whales FTW
Best ST Series, why? : TNG - they introduced my favorite position - counsellor
Favourite Author : Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey
Favourite Book : The Rowan, A Little Princess
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : Tori Amos, Sonata Arctica, showtunes
Favourite Foods : Greek, gourmet salads and bacon cheeseburgers
Unfavourite Foods : liver, onions - onions /yuck
Favourite Drinks : strawberry daquiris - rum is yummy
Unfavourite Drinks : vodka is icky
Perfume/Aftershave : Bath and Body works Cherry Blossom
Phrases or words you overuse : FTW!
Hobbies : Everquest2
Least Favourite Things : Housecleaning
Favourite Things : my american girl dolls :-)
Describe Yourself :