Personal Bio for Robbie Gray

Currently playing the following characters:

Scott Houseman (USS Spectre)
Scott Houseman (USS Spectre)
Scott Houseman (USS Spectre)
Andrew Williams (USS Spectre)
Perses Douwsy (USS Spectre)
Kenneth Smith (USS Spectre)
Jennifer Smith (USS Spectre)
Zero One Zero (Starbase Geneva)
Scott Houseman (USS Spectre)
Jo Smith (USS Spectre)
Jennifer Smith (USS Spectre)
Robert Smith (USS Spectre)
M’Epak (Starbase Geneva)
Wai Biign (USS Spectre)
Scott Smith (USS Spectre)
Noah (Starbase Geneva)
Hythame (USS Spectre)

Place of Birth : Hereford
Nicknames : Anything that is not offensive
Education : Deploma in Adult Nursing
Where are you now? : working at my local hospital
Current Job : Staff nurse
Where is home? : Nursing accomidation
What are you doing now? : Work in the emergacny operating theaters
Who do you live with? : Two bed room flat
Hair Colour : brown
Hair Length : short
Eye Colour : brown
Height : 6 foot three
Weight : I don't want to know
List some of your TV shows : Star trek TNG/DS9/voyager CSI (all) Red Dwarf SG1 + Atlantis House MD
Pets : None
Medical Issues : Dyslexic
Gaming Experience : just Freedom
Sports you like? : Rugby but only on the telly
Some of your favourite Movies : Hunt for the red october
Last Film you saw : Kung Foo Panda
Best ST Film, why? : First contact (Borg + EVA bit)
Best ST Series, why? : TNG coz I just like it
Favourite Author : Nicholas Monsarrat
Favourite Book : The Cruel Sea
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : most things Jazz if you want to be picky
Favourite Foods : practily anything
Unfavourite Foods : brussal sprouts
Favourite Drinks : Tea
Unfavourite Drinks : Beer (that's why I am the designated driver)
Perfume/Aftershave : any thing that I can get my hands on
Phrases or words you overuse : Sorry. Are you shoure I don't want to be a bother
Hobbies : reading, walking, swimming (when I have the time), playing the trombone ( I'm actualy quite good)
Least Favourite Things : doing a week of night shifts. trying to figure out all these strange new diseases and medication
Favourite Things : chilling with my girlfriend
Describe Yourself : shy, insucure, low self confidence. but when you get past all that I am a okay kind of person