Personal Bio for Alan Reading

Currently playing the following characters:

Yelena Vasilyovna (Starbase Geneva)
T'Vhor (USS Spectre)
R'uann (USS Spectre)
Conner `Sandy` Tirrel (Starbase Geneva)
Tallis Luxulyan (Starbase Geneva)
Kerge (Starbase Geneva)
Richard 'Patsy' Davies (USS Spectre)
H'chir (Starbase Geneva)
Lewis O'Hara (USS Spectre)
Lewis O'Hara (USS Spectre)
Nathanial Yates (USS Spectre)
Unaru Castigan (Starbase Geneva)
Bruce Kowalski (USS Spectre)
Xavier Durant (Starbase Geneva)
Norman Bates (USS Spectre)

Place of Birth : UK
Nicknames : Reds
Education : Higher education Technical, TV/Video
Where are you now? : In my living room.
Current Job : Computer tech.
Where is home? : Boring UK
What are you doing now? : Writing out this Bio...
Who do you live with? : A four legged furry person. Well actually it`s a Cat but she thinks she`s a person..
Hair Colour : Mousey
Hair Length : Short n a bit spikey on top
Eye Colour : Steel blue
Height : 5 ft 11 inches
Weight : 89kg
List some of your TV shows : Star trek (Of course), Andromeda, babylon 5, X-files, The PJ`s.
Pets : One afformentioned Cat (A nutter)
Medical Issues : Wrecked knee due to motorcycle accident in 1980
Gaming Experience : Some online RP
Sports you like? : Motor racing. Anything without a ball in it.
Some of your favourite Movies : The Blues Brothers. Bladerunner. 2010. Lord of the rings. Any trek or other Sci-Fi.
Last Film you saw : The lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Best ST Film, why? : Nemesis. Because it`s the most polished to date. First contact a very close second...
Best ST Series, why? : All of them, although I do like Enterprise as it set`s the scene for all those that follow & it has Jolene Blalock in it of course. I seem to be in a bit of a minority here though it would seem.
Favourite Author : Issac Asimov. JRR Tolkein.
Favourite Book : Bladerunner.
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : All types although partial to 80`s, rock, punk, etc etc.
Favourite Foods : Junk
Unfavourite Foods : Healthy stuff
Favourite Drinks : Lager & black. Apple & blackcurrent squash. The odd bottle of wine, Baileys (Boring I know)
Unfavourite Drinks : Spirits. Yeuch, fire water...
Perfume/Aftershave : Depends on my mood.
Phrases or words you overuse : Right.
Hobbies : Gaming on the PC, anything technical, reading, writing. Swimming. Listening to music, riding my bike.
Least Favourite Things : Hypocracy, intolerance, traffic lights & bloody speed cameras...
Favourite Things : Nice people, tolerance, funtimes with like minded friends.
Describe Yourself : Layed back, easy going. Imaginitive. Bit of a dreamer... Well actually very much a dreamer...