Personal Bio for Jeremy L Trout

Currently playing the following characters:

Melody Leigh Haverstaad (Starbase Geneva)
Michelle Leah Roberts (Starbase Geneva)
Anthony 'Gandhi' Fillmoore (Starbase Geneva)
Richard Ian Lee (Starbase Geneva)
Shondar Dorkin (Starbase Geneva)
Walker Isengard (Starbase Geneva)
T'Vanek (Starbase Geneva)
Menelian (Starbase Geneva)
Krige (Starbase Geneva)
Zachary Falthgood (Starbase Geneva)
Richard Ian Lee (Starbase Geneva)
Miador Tane (Starbase Geneva)
Robert LoDona (Starbase Geneva)
T'Indi (Starbase Geneva)
Caladryll Sevant (USS Spectre)
Leonal 'Spider' Drizzt (Starbase Geneva)
Jennifer (Jenna) Rulestaad (Starbase Geneva)
Jennifer Rulestaad (Starbase Geneva)
Anastasia (Stacy) Martinovich (Starbase Geneva)
T'Solen Fairfield (USS Spectre)

Place of Birth : Alexandria, Virginia
Nicknames : Papa Trouter, PT, J, Trout, HEY YOU!
Education : Some College
Where are you now? : Des Moines, Iowa
Current Job : Self-Employed, subcontracted to an Advertising Company
Where is home? : Where I hang my hat...
What are you doing now? : Filling this out?
Who do you live with? : Me, Myself and I
Hair Colour : Blonde (assuming I still had hair)
Hair Length : I use turtle-wax, nuff said
Eye Colour : blue-grey
Height : 6'2
Weight : 320
List some of your TV shows : X Files DS9 TNG The 4400
Pets : none
Medical Issues : Asthma Ulcerative Collonitis
Gaming Experience : Years here... D&D since I was 8 All of White Wolf's games etc etc
Sports you like? : bowling
Some of your favourite Movies : I don't really watch movies...
Last Film you saw : The Day After Tomorrow
Best ST Film, why? : Ugg... First Contact - Finally, another Dark trek film.
Best ST Series, why? : DS9 - It's all about the Combat, baby.
Favourite Author : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I have a 5200 book library.
Favourite Book : See Above
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : ROFLMAO I have 14,000 MP3's for a reason! Easier to name my favorite Genre's Ambient, Ambient Techno, 80's, Soft, New Age, Classical, erm... better, lets name the Genre's I *DONT* like. Gangsta Rap, Polka, Most Country
Favourite Foods : Anything that isnt tied down, on fire, or will eat me first.
Unfavourite Foods : Anything that is tied down, on fire, or will eat me first
Favourite Drinks : MOUNTAIN DEW IS LIFE!
Unfavourite Drinks : Water - If God meant us to drink water, he would have it fall from the sky or somethin' oh... wait...
Perfume/Aftershave : Latitude/Longitude
Phrases or words you overuse : yo, cool, yup, heh, *chuckles*, *snorts*, Are we having fun yet?
Hobbies : To have hobbies, I must have free time...
Least Favourite Things : Erm... working for a living.
Favourite Things : Anything that doesnt bore the hell out of me.
Describe Yourself : Move Along, Nothing more to see here..