Personal Bio for Milo C.W. Young

Currently playing the following characters:

Morgan Randell (Starbase Geneva)
Ben Soma (Starbase Geneva)

Place of Birth : Labrador City, NL
Nicknames :
Education : 3 years of college
Where are you now? : Rocky Harbour, NL
Current Job : Jack of all trades, master of none.
Where is home? : Newfoundland
What are you doing now? : Typing :-)
Who do you live with? : Parents for now.
Hair Colour : Between black and brown
Hair Length : short, military style
Eye Colour : Brown
Height : 5 foot 9 inches
Weight : 145 lbs
List some of your TV shows : supernatural, star trek ( all series )
Pets : A husky
Medical Issues : Diabetic
Gaming Experience : console mostly PS2
Sports you like? : Nascar
Some of your favourite Movies : The Last Samurai, The Shawshank Redemption, Top Gun, Iron Eagle.
Last Film you saw : Halloween
Best ST Film, why? : Liked them all.
Best ST Series, why? : Liked them all.
Favourite Author : Stephen King
Favourite Book :
Favourite Music/Bands/Artists : Classic Rock, some new Rock, bit of country.
Favourite Foods :
Unfavourite Foods :
Favourite Drinks :
Unfavourite Drinks :
Perfume/Aftershave :
Phrases or words you overuse :
Hobbies :
Least Favourite Things :
Favourite Things :
Describe Yourself :