Joining Star Trek : Freedom



Star Trek Freedom is an EMAIL GAME, we play by email not by forums or anything else... by email, please make sure you have your email address ready for the next page when you complete your application form.

No email address means we can't contact you... ever!

A few notes before you fill out the join form...

Before playing on an actual ship, you will be assigned to the Academy, so that we know you can use our writing format... grammar and spelling aren't as important as a good imagination.

Characters that are super-powerful, such as Q, Changlings, Borg or the like are not allowed. Please limit your characters strength. This applies to empathic or telepathic powers as well, nothing greatly powerful.

Also, remember that the application and your character cannot have any ties to any character from the TV shows, Books or Films, no references to the Enterprise or Picard for example.

We would ask that you only submit a race that is contained in the Federation, or is an ally with the Federation. No Dominion forces, or anything else that is at odds with the Federation and Starfleet...or is out of reach (like the Kazon).

Your character has spent 4 years in the Academy already, please remember this before applying.

Have you checked the application form example? Read some of the posting guidelines? Yes? Well done!

Please note that the mininum age of the game is now 16, there are no exceptions.

If you have read all this, and still want to join, then please proceed to the Join Form

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