Biography for Jennah Winters-Dark, a Female Betazoid aged 12
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
Character Physical Description

Jennah Winters-Dark

Eyes : dark black Weight : 60 IBS
Hair : brown Skin :


Height : 4 feet 6 Blood : Red
Jennah is average for her age, with the impossibly dark black eyes of her betazoid mother and the light brown hair with red highlights of her human father. Her hair is long and is often worn in pig-tails. Her face is usually smudged with some color or dirt from playing, and she is very polite. She can often be found in some form of blue, be it a dress or a pantsuit - she loves the color.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Jennah was born and raised aboard the USS Vanguard. Her mother was a medical officer, and her father an environmental technician. Jennah was brought to Counsellor Winters because she was having nightmares of an explosion and the death of her family, and these nightmares were causing her to be short tempered and downright hostile to anyone who tried to take her parents away from her. Vanyssa was working with Jennah through these nightmares, when the nightmares came true and her parents were killed. It was unusual for a betazoid child to have precognitive dreams, as well as for Jennah's telempathy to be as advanced as it was. Vanyssa should have sent Jennah back to betazed to be raised by experts, but Vanyssa decided to keep Jennah aboard the Vanguard, and eventually won the right to adopt her. Jennah now calls Vanyssa mother and David her father, and the memories of the disaster aboard the Vanguard have all but faded for her. She is delighted to have a little sister to play with and calls Vanyssa's best friend, the schoolteacher, Katie Troi, Auntie.



primary school aboard the USS Nimitz

Medical History


Jennah had a case of the Andorian Measles when she was 6, but has otherwise been very healthy.



extraordinarily high telempathy rating, and she often prefers to communicate telepathically to vocally, something her teacher and parents are working on.

Other Information
Hobbies :

acting more adult than she really is, taking on too much responsibility, playing with vanyssa's antique American Girl dollset, and trying to teach her little sister to talk before the age she can. Collecting anything blue and visiting her parents, especially David, at work. She loves the marine bdu suits. Her best friend is a little vulcan girl named T'Prev and they are often found playing Space Adventure Girl together.

General Notes


She has had a lot of hardship in her life, and is very vibrant. She is a survivor, as most children are.