Biography for Katie Lianna Troi, a Female Betazoid aged 33
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
Character Physical Description

Katie Lianna Troi

Eyes : dark black Weight : 130 IBS
Hair : dark black Skin :


Height : 6 foot 7 Blood : Red
Tall and willowy, Katharynne Troi is of a minor off-shoot of the Troi Clan. She is related distantly to Kestra. Katie has dark hair that she wears to just under shoulder length now that she is a civilian, long enough to tie back but not long enough to get in the way. Her dark, large eyes, like most betazoids, are her most striking feature. Her hair is straight, not curling and it frames her olive, heart shaped face. She has a scar on her temple from when she was a starfleet security officer.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

She was born on Betazed, to a minor off-shoot of the Troi Clan, and had a remarkably happy and unremarkable childhood.
She was raised alongside Vanyssa when Vanyssa lived on Betazed, and, well, she was passionate about everything she did. She found physical activity stimulating, like most of the Troi Clan did, and she was happy. Her parents died during the raid on Betazed and this gave her the impetus to leave Betazed and go into Starfleet, where she became a security officer. After being promoted to the rank of Lt, she decided to resign and return home to Betazed, where she taught physical fitness, until Vanyssa contacted her to serve aboard the Nimitz. She finds her rank to be boring, society to be boring and is extremely passionate about the children that she teaches and watches over on the Nimitz.



Primary School on Betazed, Starfleet Academy Training, Security specialty, Officer Training, Training on Betazed to work with young telepathic children and in teaching.

Medical History


Part of what led Katie to leave Starfleet was when she was attacked during an away mission and had to have reconstructive surgery on her face. She spent many months in therapy, adn still has occassional problems. The scar on her face is the only sign of the attack, at least on the outside.



Katie is a medium-strong telepath, nowhere in the league of Vanyssa but she has taken training into teaching young children how to control their telepathic ability, and not just Betazoid children. She is an able school teacher, and still retains all her skills from when she was a security officer, and will employ them in emergencies.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Katie plays the piano, and enjoys physical activity on the holodeck, and anything that allows her to move about. She enjoys playing pretend with the children adn taking care of them, finding her happiness in them.

General Notes


She longs to find the love that Vanyssa and David share, but is content to just observe their love until some comes to find her. She finds it difficult to do things with adults because she feels inferior. She briefly had a crush on Nishi Nakamura, but has chosen to ignore that now that he has...entanglements..and avoids him.