Biography for Ensign JG Christopher Drake, a Male Human aged 47
who is assigned to the USS Spectre
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Character Physical Description

Christopher Drake

Eyes : Human Weight : 95 kg
Hair : Dark brown Skin :


Height : 6 ft 1 in Blood : Red
Chris looks like a fairly well-kept late middle aged man, he has been bodybuilding from his late teens and amassed quite the figure, he keeps his grey hair soldier cut and tidy, his wide muscular shoulders oversize his lower body, his relatively small brown eyes have a slight curve downwards and his eyebrows are naturally thick, he has a slightly bent nose on it's end to the right due to the injury he suffered when he was a child that he never corrected, as well as a small tattoo on his left shoulder of an eight-sided star
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Both of his parents are still alive, his father Charles enjoys at the countryside of England, where they have their family home, while his mother Monica teaches literature at a college in London. Chris has a much younger half-sister Lana (adopted), a scientist and an CEO of his family's medical company. The two aren't in the greatest relations. Chris never really wanted his family's company, always doing his own thing. Through time, his father got old, and simply couldn't do everything by himself, and Chris would prefer being a prodigal son and living away from his family, which eventually ended with Lana taking over the company, slowly at first, asking Chris to come back, but as few years passed, she overtook the company completely. Chris never married, and throughout the years only had a few relationships. His constant relocations, full dedication to his life, and the little free time he had left spent on bodybuilding, simply meant he had no time for his private life.



He has been doing bodybuilding and teaching the techniques as well as nutritionism his entire life. He had additional education in security and worked as an sec ops at the civilian sector. He holds a full piloting licence, and can pilot anything from a shuttle, to a capital starship. Despite his relatively later age, he has enrolled at the Starfleet Academy, where he spent five years before his first assignment.

Pre-Starfleet History


Chris was teaching bodybuilding, healthy lifestyle and nutritionism, then eventually he started working for a civilian company as an security, most of the time he was escorting higher profile politicians, ambassadors, engineers and the like. He also worked as an courier for the same company for a while, which earned him his piloting licence. He has spent on and off starships working for this company for about a decade. He has never married, his home was where he would be at an given time, a lifestyle which would eventually push him to enroll into Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Has a bent nose he never really corrected. Has been numerously injured on his duty but was fully recovered. Suffered broken bones on more then one occasion, as well as being put to medically induced coma for several days after colliding with a ship in his shuttle.



Chris has a full piloting licence, he enjoys piloting smaller nimbler crafts, but he feels equally comfortable piloting larger ships. Despite his later age, he's physically quite strong, in top form, and the stresses of space feels like a second nature to him, as he has extensive background working on a civilian space company. He is a fast runner, an excellent shot and a good tactician when he needs to be. He also have extensive knowledge of security techniques, organisation and technology behind it. He understands the nature of space combat, the proper positioning of the ships, the techniques of the proper attack and defense, and the protocols in case of enemy breach. Last but not least, he's qualified as an engineer, and while that doesn't fully capture his ambitions, he's still a fully capable engineer, if there is need for one. He is hoping one day he would be trained as an marine.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Chris enjoys good sports, hitting the gym, piloting as well as shuttle racing, testing his mettle in the arena at the holodeck, and traveling.

General Notes


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