Biography for Rear Admiral Natasha Durov, a Female Enter Species Here aged 43
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Natasha Durov

Eyes : Green Weight : 130
Hair : Dark Brown Skin :


Height : 5í10Ē Blood : Red
Natasha has a small build for a body, but decent height. Her skin is white and has a healthy sheen. Her bright green eyes appear to bolt at you compared to the complexion in her face. Short dark brown hair barely crosses the bottom of her ears. Most times she prefers her bangs to be worn to one side touching the top of her brows.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Natasha was born in North-Eastern Russia about 50 miles north of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Her family preferred to live away from others as a personal choice. Her father and mother lived a simple life. Although her parents lived this alternative lifestyle, they still used 24th century technology such as replicators, shuttle technology for travel, and computer based systems in their house.

Natasha had 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. She was only 3 years apart from her oldest brother and only 1 year apart from her sister. Together the Durovís kept to themselves in a small village. The climate where she lived was normally dark and cold. People didnít get out much and there wasnít much to do.

When Natasha began her teenage years and watched her older brothers do nothing with their lives, she began to wonder what else was out there. She wanted to know what was the purpose of life. She began to explore life away from her village using the single computer in her house. She discovered a whole new way of living and immediately became intrigued.

Her parents took her fascination with leaving with little concern, but that changed once Natasha turned 17. Natasha and her girlfriend decided that they both wanted to leave Russia and find a new life in the United States. Her parents never believing that this day would come were shocked and angry at her.

Against her parentís wishes Natasha packed what she owned and found the cheapest ride to California. Natashaís girlfriend went straight to work as a chef in a local restaurant, and was able to provide for the both of them. Natasha on the other hand found odd jobs when she could, but she didnít work much.

Instead Natasha took in the culture around her. She took a specific interest in the arts such as painting and photography. Somehow through their travels in this new world they stumbled upon San Francisco.

The second Natasha saw the great architecture at Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Command she immediately became interested in Starfleet. Overnight she felt like she had a special connection with it. The deeper she dug into their beginnings and purpose her excitement grew. Not too long after, the time came for her to take the first and biggest step in her life. She enlisted into Starfleet on a whelm, not knowing what would become of her, but trusting in fate.



Natasha finished a basic Earth education, receiving a diploma when she was 16. Instead of going to school her and her brothers were homeschooled using a Russian government approved computer based system.

Natasha enlisted into Starfleet and received most of her post-secondary education there. At Starfleet Natasha quickly found that she took an interest in law, communications, and computer information systems. Ultimately she had to choose which area she would choose to be her main focus.

Her major she decided would be communications because she saw herself as an explorer, and her main purpose of being in Starfleet was to explore and to interact with other species throughout her career. She took an interest in linguistics, and diplomacy.

She double minored in law and computer information systems. Through her minor in law she was able to talk her way into taking courses that were normally restricted to JAG officers only. This training has led to her success as a diplomat and understanding of Starfleet rules and regulations. Her second minor in computer information systems furthered her success in her career to be organized and fully understand how to use technology to best suit her needs.

Pre-Starfleet History


Natasha was born in Russia in a simple living family. At a young age Natasha left her life in Russia against her parentsí wishes and started a new life in California with her girlfriend. While she lived in California Natasha took an interest in art, and attempted to start a living as a photographer. During a shoot on Starfleet Academy grounds Natasha became intrigued by Starfleetís choices of architecture. This small connection led to Natasha enlisting.

Starfleet History


Natasha finished her enlistment with high honors and grades, and found herself on track to graduating as an officer. It required 2 extra years at Starfleet Academy, but it was what she wanted.

As an Ensign her first assignment was aboard a science vessel. With her excellent marks at the academy she was posted immediately as the junior officer on the bridge as its Operations Officer. Her skill set in Computer Science and her outstanding communication ability made her a perfect candidate for the position.

Nine months went by without incident on her first assignment. It wasnít until her 183rd day on the job when her career got hairy. No complications were foreseen in their assignment of investigating gas clouds made mostly of chloride. The gas cloud began to affect a nearby world. The science vessel was ordered to render aide to the planet.

When the senior crew went to the surface to speak with the inhabitants, they were kidnapped. On the ship the officer left in charge (a young Lieutenant) didnít take charge of the situation, and was not taking immediate action to find a solution.

Natasha risked her career to overstep the Lieutenant. Her risked paid off. She successfully put a security team together to safely remove the senior crew from their underground prison cells. She also was able to use her diplomatic and communication skills to explain to the inhabitants that her crew was there to help save the planet, and that the attack on their prison cells was required.

After a military hearing her peers found her not guilty of any charges. Despite the charges Natasha received the Legion of Honor commendation, and promoted to full lieutenant. Her rank increase moved to full lieutenant because her rank was already in transition of being moved to junior lieutenant.

As a new lieutenant and a hero she was moved to a more active ship where Starfleet felt like they could use her skills. She quickly took over as Chief of Operations once on the tactical vessel. This was also when she had the pleasure of working under the command of Robert LoDona.

She continued to impress her superior officers with her ingenuity, diplomatic skills, and the ability to always get the job done. It took little time for her to be recommended to the executive officer position.

When she received the First Officer position she was also given a promotion of commander. She was serving on a mid-size exploration vessel. During one particular mission the vessel found itself stuck in a continuing loop inside of a worm hole. During one of the attempts to exit the worm hole, the ship was shook nearly to pieces. During the violent attempt the Captain was killed by falling debris.

Natasha took command of the ship at that point. Her and her crew spent another 6 days in the worm hold before they were able to find a way out. The ship was badly damaged, but once it was fixed Natasha was given command permanently.

She remained a Captain for several years, and sided with the 52nd fleet, before she turned in her command to further her career. This time she was going to need to use her diplomatic skills, but she was going to have to learn a whole new skill: espionage.

Her new mission was to help an underground rebellion against a tyrant government that was not recognized by the United Federation of Planets. She stayed the liaison between the UFP and rebellion forces for over a year. Once the war was over Natasha was able to come home.

She was awarded with the Order of Honor commendation. Natasha was then promoted to Admiral and currently serves as an Admiral of the fleet.

Medical History


Natasha has had various injuries throughout her career. She has been hit with phaser and rifle blasts, burned during space battle while serving on the bridge, broken limbs, and minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.



Natasha has superior diplomatic skills, has excellent communication abilities, and is an expert with computers.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Art and Photography.

General Notes


Natasha is only proficient with hand to hand combat and weapons. Also she is not strong in the field of engineering.

Awards :