Biography for Master Chief Petty Officer Janey Brown, a Female Human aged 32
who is assigned to the USS Hades
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Character Physical Description

Janey Brown

Eyes : Blue Weight : 125 IBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 5 foot 2 Blood : Red
Dirty blond hair that's always rolled on the back of her head. She has lightly tanned skin. After a shuttle accident during a mission Janey suffered plasma burns and as a result scars on her face, arms and body. She tries to hide these with a change in hair style.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Mother and Father were both killed in an explosion at Utopia Planita whilst visiting Janey and her sister. Janey has always had an interest in horse riding and when visiting home will always try and ride the family horse.



Standard earth Education, Janey enjoys using her hands more than academic studies, although always enjoyed Maths

Pre-Starfleet History


Left school and went straight into Starfleet as a crewman.

Starfleet History


Moved to Utopia Planita and into Starship design. After an affair with her sisters fiance she was transferred to the USS Hades where she served as Operations Officer.

Medical History


Suffered burns and a broken leg in the explosion that killed her parents. After a shuttle accident Janey suffered plasma burns to her face, arms and body. When recovered she was treated cosmetically, however, some scars remained on her cheeks.



Other Information
Hobbies :

Enjoys baking.

General Notes


Although Janey likes Klingon Coffee she has a strong dislike of Klingons as a race. Had a strong temper that would lead the perpetrator with a useless replicator.

Awards :