Biography for Chief Petty Officer T'ishi'ah sh'Solom'aa (Tesha), a Female Andorian aged 27
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

T'ishi'ah sh'Solom'aa (Tesha)

Eyes : brown Weight : 120 pounds
Hair : white Skin :


Height : 5' 6 Blood : blue
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Tesha was born and raised on Andor. Her parents were both officers in the Andorian Imperial Guard, as were her two older brothers. Tesha, expected to do the same, chose to join Starfleet instead. She said she wanted to prove herself on her own merits, and not be given special privileges because of who her family was. This caused some tension and disappointment, to the point that she and her family don't speak much. When Tesha was growing up, she was outgoing, adventurous, athletic, and was what Humans call, a tomboy. She was accepted as one of the boys, until she began to grow up and certain physical changes occurred. She was no longer viewed as one of the boys, something she didn't like or understand.



Tesha received the standard Andorian education, though she did attend the best private schools.

Pre-Starfleet History


After graduating from the Andorian equivalent of high school, Tesha was expected to join the Andorian Imperial Guard, and apply to the officer academy. However, she always had an adventurous spirit that led her to often be other than what she was expected to be. Always trying to find a different way, she chose to enlist in Starfleet. This caused a major incident in her family, though Tesha remained firm amidst the arguing. She always wanted to make her own way, and not be given special treatment because her family were high-ranking officers. When the day came for her to leave for Earth, her family was not there to see her off.

Starfleet History


Tesha arrived on Earth and immediately began her Basic Training as an enlisted person in Starfleet. Though it was tough, she found she was having the time of her life. She excelled, being one of the top females in her group. Her aptitude tests indicated that medical or science were her best fields. She didn't think she could be a scientist, though not being especially attracted to medicine, she accepted that position, becoming a field medic specialist. Tesha was assigned to the USS Topeka, a Nova class science vessel, where she served for two years until the civil war broke out. It shocked her that something like this could happen, but she threw herself into serving as best as she could. She was blessed to be on the side against Admiral Doenitz. During the hostilities, Tesha did not see direct combat, as she had been transferred to the USS Mayo, a medical ship. She served there until the war ended. Tesha's next assignment was Starbase 135, where she served for seven years. Bored to tears, she kept asking to be transferred to a starship. When an opening finally became available, she jumped at it, not knowing, or caring, what ship it was, as long as she was back in space. That ship was the USS Rosenante. Tesha has attained the rank of Petty Officer, First Class.

Medical History


Tesha is very healthy, as she makes it a point to eat healthfully, and exercise regularly. She had the typical childhood diseases common to Andorians.



Tesha is an accomplished field medic, fully qualified for away missions. She also works in sickbay. Her duties include: calibrating equipment, tracking supply usage and replication, initial contact with patients, starting the medical encounter record, recording vital signs, performing routine medical scans, treatment procedures directed by medical officer staff. She also sees to the training of the other medics and medical techs. Tesha is athletic, intelligent, and insightful. She has a beautiful singing voice. She has a gift for learning languages quickly. She is adept at discerning puzzles and patterns, especially involving sound or music.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Tesha is outgoing and talkative, so she loves socializing and being with others. She especially enjoys sports and anything involving the outdoors. Her motto is: I'll try anything twice.

General Notes


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