Biography for Lieutenant JG Elani Caras, a Female Betazoid aged 29
who is assigned to the USS Spectre
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Character Physical Description

Elani Caras

Eyes : Dark Green Weight : 165 IBS
Hair : Black with Skin :


Height : 5 foot 8 Blood : Red
Short, very padded, curvy with a round face, pointed chin and a nose that is a little too prominent. Almond eyes, full lips, long black hair with light red highlights. Long legs, which are the only part of her that are muscled. Her feet are a little too big for her body which makes her clumsy. Actress representation: Amy Lee.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Mother - Casia, primary teacher. Father - Alin, emergency medical technician. No brothers or sisters



Betazed primary and secondary schools. University of Betazed for xeno-psych training. Starfleet Academy, Counseling and Medical training

Pre-Starfleet History


Unexceptional - she (attempted to) play(ed) sports in her secondary schooling but spent most of her time on the bench as the cheerleader and solver of problems. Always had an interest in languages and other cultures, she studied them in her University schooling. While in Starfleet training she discovered she was even clumsier than she thought she was, and barely passed the physical requirements. Where she shined was in inter-personal communications and first contact scenarios.

Starfleet History



Medical History


Nothing unusual, a few broken bones, the usual childhood illnesses.



High empathy, limited telepathy - mostly the ability to speak and hear other betazoids, but very little abilities to hear thoughts unless she is in very close proximity. Her high empathy is particularly useful in her job duties.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Good books, crafts, holo-novels, and time on the holodeck. She attempts to train out the clumsiness but it is hopeless. She enjoys talking to people in her off hours, attempting to fix problems before they become situations.

General Notes



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