Biography for Ensign Styg, a Other Styg aged 95
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : unknown Weight : unknown
Hair : unknown Skin :

unknown bu

Height : unknown Blood : unknown
His 'rescuers' described him as a condensing multi-coloured cloud. On the outside nothing is shown through the evac-suit that has been his 'home' since his 'rescue' 95 years ago.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Styg is as far as is known the only 'living' creature from the Jupiter-like planet STYX.



Trained by his rescuers and scientific staff who investigated him after he was brought to Earth.

Pre-Starfleet History


Picked up by the Nebula-class USS Darwin as it collected a gas sample from the inner atmosphere layer of the Class I planet Styx near the Beta Quadrant, the 'swirling cloud' was first thought to be an ionic charged cloud. But it was found to be able to perceive and exhibited intelligence. During the fourth night, Styg, originally called Styx, after the planet of his 'birth', opened the door of the lab enclosure (even though he does not seem to have appendages that could assist him) into the next room that contained evac-suits. The following morning Styg had installed himself quite comfortably inside one of the evac-suits and was after several months able to manipulate it somehow to the point that it could wander around the ship. Installation of a voice box on the outside of the suit led (after three more months) to the first produced sounds. After three years Styg had learned to utter the more common words, but understood Federation quite well (level of understanding of a one year old baby). His name was derived after a failure of the voice box, that coukd not produce the k-s sound, but garbled it to a g-sound. How he instructs the voice box is unknown but when he speaks it is always preceeded by a loud breathing sound. On return to Earth it was found that Styg required a mixture of Class I gasses to exist in but it was never used up, as in breathing or eating. Once roughly every two months, Styg requires a trip to a Class I otr J planet, to renew the atmosphere inside his evac-suit. It was found during these trips that he was able to master flight quite easily and showed a certain knack for it.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Medical science is not really convinced he is alive, let alone healthy.



He's a skilled pilot

Other Information
Hobbies :

None, he just performs his tasks or duties and or waits if there is nothing else to do. He does not seem to need to sleep or relax.

General Notes


Some say that he is a figment of someone's imagination. A dream that has taken shape. If that is so, then this dream stinks heavily of Methane and Ammonia. Some say that he is a a living and talking intelligent lifeform. If that is so, then that lifeform seems to prefer walking to talking. But even so, all we know, is that he is called the Styg. (Comming to a theatre VERY near you)

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