Biography for Lieutenant Miador Tane, a Male Betazoid/Trill aged 35
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Miador Tane

Eyes : Blue Weight : 140 IBS
Hair : Black Skin :


Height : 5'10 Blood : Red

Miador is a very loose individual, with a good makeup and wiry muscles from constant use for the last several years. He has started taking a klingon battle stance habitually, something he has to conciously relax when he is going into diplomatic proceedings that dont involve klingons.

History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Miador's mother was a full betazoid, while his father was an unjoined trill. His mother was a diplomat with teh diplomatic corps, and his father served in Starfleet as an Engineer. When they met, his father resigned from starfleet in order to join his mothers Diplomatic entourage, so they could be together at all times.




Pre-Starfleet History


Miador spent most of his lifetime emersed in diplomatic proceedings and trapsing from one end of the universe to the other with his family. It was quickly apparent that he had his mothers gift for diplomacy, so both his parents steered him in that direction and would allow him into many diplomatic functinos so he could get a feel for how it all worked. He joined Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors, but turned down the commission that was offered so he could join the Diplomatic Crops as a civilian. It wasnt for many years, until he went to Quonos, that he recieved a temporary Starfleet Commission. Since he has the training, however, he could still become part of Starfleet full time should he choose too.

Starfleet History


Miador has had a temporary Starfleet Commission since he joined the Diplomatic Corps and was sent to Quonos.

His major accomplishments have been in the Klingon Empire. He had a few smaller postings before hand, but his noteriety and his skill came into the 'limelight' during his five year stay while attached to the federation embassy there.

During one particular incident where he helped out the Chancellors family in a decidedly undiplomatic manner, the Chancellor decided to create for him his own house and to train him in all things Klingon so he could do honor by the house. As a result, he underwent manifold klingon ceremonies (the only one he managed to avoid was the wedding ceremony) and learned how to fight both hand-to-hand and with the bat'leth and mek'leth. The Chancellor had three years to turn him into a 'proper klingon', and being intelegent and physicall to boot, Miador picked up on the lessons well, even if he didnt particularly enjoy them.

His term there was supposed to have ended after three years, but the Diplomatic Corps extended his stay for two more years as Tane's relation with the council was a particulary good thing for Federation/Klingon relations.

By the time he left, after three weeks worth of anticipatry parties and feasts, he told Starfleet under no uncertain terms that he wanted sent to a place where he could first get some rest, then he would not be a head diplomat to anywhere for at least a year. They sent him to STarbase Geneva where he could be exposed to many new races, and placed him directly at the Captains command.

Medical History


Nothing major until his time in the Klingon homeworld. After he had been inducted into his own house, he suffered a mariad of broken bones and concussions.



Inter-racial diplomacy and 'fire diplomacy' (last ditch diplomatic talks under combat situations), Combat skills with the klingon Bat'leth and Mek'leth. Has a skill with words and statements. He also has some very mild powers of telepathy, which he usually keeps tight under wraps, as such skills make people uncomfortable at the negotiating table.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Miador collects martial weapons, a hobby he started in the Klingon Empire. He had recieved a few before his time there, but his collection really took off due to the klingons. He met many other races on Quonos, and became good friends with one Andorian who presented him with a Claymore and a Lirpa.

General Notes


Because Miador has his own house in the Klingon Empire, he has ties to the homeworld for several important ceremonies. Also, he has been told that regardless of his current position, if he was ever requested for something by the Klingon government, then he would be there post-haste.

Awards :