Welcome to Starfleet Headquarters

"The crew of this station, senior staff, and regular crew, have held up extremely well in all sorts of situations, and most of them are people of upstanding character. It has been my pleasure, and privilege to serve with such a fine crew. While most of the senior staff is leaving along with me to the USS Boudicca, it will not be the same has the sights and sounds of this station. I'm glad to call Geneva my first station of duty."

Lt. (JG) Brian Rogers, in his final log entry from Geneva, Stardate 2407.01.07

Admirals are often seen attached to major Starbases and facilities

Star Trek Freedom's universe is located in Sector 21912, this area of space is the termination point of the recently discovered Subspace Rivers, noone knows for sure why the river ends here, even though it spreads further in other directions around this Sector. Starfleet has theorised that this is the start point for the River.

Starbase Geneva, although once played as a full PC station, was moved to become an SPC, with no actual posting occuring onboard, but the station remains our Headquarters.

Recently, a civil war has concluded and the forces of the 52nd fleet have returned to their mission of exploring Sector 21912.

Our Game

Star Trek : Freedom is a free-form role playing game played through e-mail. Each ship or station has two e-mail lists through which the game is conducted, one for in-game writing and one for out-of-game discussion. Players each possess a persona, a Star Fleet Officer, who is assigned a rank and department based on their application and fleet space. Star Trek: Freedom is a fleet of ships who share a unique universe based on the Star Trek Universe created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek: Freedom is not an online version of any existing table top role playing game produced by FASA, Last Unicorn, or Decipher. No dice or other randomized number selector is used. This game is cooperative story telling through writing and is organized by the commanding officer assigned to each ship. At times ships may cross-over and share joint stories or missions. Ships in the fleet exist in a shared universe and events often reach past the originating ship.

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