The USS Paladin is a starship in service of the 52nd Fleet. The Commanding Officer is Captain Eva Straton. Originally the USS Pinnoe, which defected from one of Admiral Doenitz's fleets and was renamed to USS Paladin after a through overhaul and security check. On-board the USS Paladin is the home of the 1st Paladin Marine Company, 2nd Paladin Marine Company, 3rd Paladin Marine Company and 4th Paladin Marine Company.
The crew of the Paladin is currently on board a temporary vessel the USS Sandog. They are in search of 4 missing ships, one of which is the USS Gannicus which is thought to be in the hands of the Orions. During their mission they have lost two crew members, the Paladin's Captain - Eva Straton, and Jayton.

The crew is about to get ready to disguise themselves as mercenaries to make an important meeting in which they hope will lead them to more clues. Most frustrating, there seems to be a mole... Read More