Single Report for the USS Boudicca Log Entry # 213

The USS Boudicca currently is under minimal power as it has come under a very ingenious attack.

"The Boudicca was struck by a grade six subphasic burst of energy, that originated when the mines stuck us and detonated. That explains the lack of physical damage. The bursts interact with our navigational screens by converting the high energy particles into a transitional balyric charge. This charge adheres to the EPS conduit casings and the additional energy field causes the magnetic waveguides to narrow until almost no power can pass through the constriction."

- From Daniel Greene's character Lieutenant Rinn

With minimal power the Boudicca was boarded by pirates attempting to take items from the cargo hold. The security staff lead by First Officer Bill West and Security Officer Ensign Trei successfully defended the cargo bays against these bandits.

Through the works of Lt. Rinn and aCEO Ensign Jacobs power will hopefully be back online in 4-6 hours, but the looming question is if the bandits are going to try another attack and are they going to underestimate the crew of the USS Boudicca again or will they bring a tougher fight.