Single Report for the USS Spectre Log Entry # 209

The USS Spectre is currently running at reduced capability after the attack it sustained in orbit of Vedea IV. It is now in pursuit of a hostile vessel that is seemingly equipped with the outlawed ETHOS system, thus making it capable of assuming any ships identity, right down to registry and videocom output.

Major Kowalski is running point duty on board the Marine Trojan and has just intercepted a distress call from the USS Dauntless, which claims to have been attacked by the Spectre. Needless to say that cannot be so, evidently the Dauntless has been attacked by the same ship that attacked, and then assumed the Spectre's identity, it's goal is uncertain but it is imperitive now that it be stopped lest it makes it's way back into the Sol system to wreak havok in the very heart of Starfleet Command.

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