Single Report for the USS Spectre Log Entry # 208

Captain's Log 2414.01.04... After having been knocked out of orbit of Vedea IV by an unknown vessel, the Spectre has performed a controlled descent into the atmosphere. However, Vedea IV is a sea world, it's surface over ninety percent water, meaning that the ship finally came to rest beneath that sea in an incapacitated condition. The attack made casualties of Lieutenant H'Chir, our Chief of Engineering and a number of other crew also.

After negotiating with the Vedeans, they have come to our assistance with a device they claim can harness Zero-Point energy and elevate us back into orbit on a cushion of what will amount to 'Anti gravity'... Lt Adams is understandably skeptical of the Vedeans claims but is assisting as required.

Let us hope that they can deliver...

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