Single Report for the USS Boudicca Log Entry # 207

Mission: Just Another Saturday Night, Day 1
Stardate: 2413.12.30

(USS Boudicca - Ready Room - Captain Durand - 1021)

Alan had relocated to his ready room after the Boudicca docked. He was going over duty rosters and reviewing departmental reports so he wouldn’t have to do them later.

Something he had, however, been putting off came to mind as he waited for Caskie to arrive.

“Captain’s log, stardate 2413.12.30.

We have arrived, finally, at Starbase 989, after completing a ‘scientific patrol’ assignment. The crew performed admirably, certainly no less well than I would have expected.

I’ve come to learn that Dorga ‘cha Nooras, and Susan Rivers before her, have left me with a well drilled, high spirited, and professional crew. The engineering, medical, tactical, and operations staffs are all keeping the Boudicca and her company in good shape. Our science department is woefully understaffed at the moment, but I’m hoping that we will get some fresh faces there soon.

Our rescue and recovery operations on Jahdara III were successful, in that we mitigated the situation as best we could. The loss of life was staggering, but there was nothing we could have hoped to do differently given our response time after the fact.

The crew is, I believe, looking forward to some well deserved shore leave. I may even venture forth myself.

End log entry. Durand, Alan G., Commanding Officer.”

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