Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 191

"Captain's Log Supplemental." Ahmed began as he settled onto the soft overstuffed chair that was his favorite.

"We Have taken the USS furious under tow and encapsulated them inside our deflector shields so that we could pull her through the Spiral warp conduit on our way to the Kabor system."

"Captain Saleke, seems to have arrived at the conclusion that the Rosenante is not responsible for the attack on either the Bardon Alpha or the Hexikor Prime facility independently."

"He like us, have come to the realization that we are facing a mirror universe version of the Rosenante. That coupled with the potential acquisition of this starship to acquire an omega device make our situation desperate. Though I would never express as much in front of the crew, I can only hope that we manage to stop that vessel before it can use the weapon."

"I strongly believe, and captain Saleke is in agreement that it is not a matter of if they will use it, but a matter of when they will use it."

"We are therefore, dedicated to putting a stop to this before it can devolve into complete and total chaos."

"At emergency speed, we are expecting to arrive at the Kabor system, just a short time after the suspected arrival of the ISS Rosenante. We do not know what we will find there, or if we will be able to succeed in our efforts to prevent an unspeakable horror from taking place, but we have two starships now working together to bring this to a necessary conclusion. I only hope that we do not arrive to late."

"Computer end recording and append to log."

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