Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 185

Mission: Into the Darkness, Go I
Day: 7
Stardate: 2408.08.07

(USS Rosenante- Bridge- CO - Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid - Day 7 - 0500)

"Captain's Log Stardate 2408.08.07"

"After conducting repairs and returning our ship back to full operational status, thanks to the hard work of our Operations and engineering teams, I have ordered the Rosenante to continue on course to Hexikor Alpha."

"I know that it is very likely that with the USS Furious involved in the mission now that things will most assuredly get more difficult before getting any easier."

"My suspicions that there may be a high level conspiracy in the admiralty are shaken although they have not yet been dismissed out of hand. The possibility is still very much alive, considering the fact that the Bardon mining facility was, in fact, refining Boronite ore to the necessary purity to allow the creation of the Omega Molecule."

"It seems also that whatever powers that may be involved have seen fit to declare us a rogue vessel at present, although I do not believe that this designation is fleet wide at this point. So far only the USS furious has arrived, captained by Captain Saleke, previously CO of the USS Hades."

"I find it somehow unlikely that he of all the captains in the fleet should just happen to be so close to the facility as to stumble upon us only hours after we arrived to investigate. Somehow I get the distinct impression that he has somehow been manipulated into being in just the right place at the right time to allow him to follow a logical course of action and attempt to hinder our progress in getting to the bottom of this Omega Device Mystery."

"The Furious obviously must have detected the latent residuals of the Spiral drive employed by the impostor Rosenante, and has pursued them towards Hexikor Alpha, where we ourselves were headed before the Furious' arrival."

"If it had not been for the presence of the Mill, filled with Magnesite Asteroids so close to the point of engagement, I think it likely that either I would have been forced to destroy the Furious or that she would have gotten the better of us. Saleke's ingenuity in modifying standard torpedoes with a limited version of a interphase cloak to allow them to bypass our shields, was quite a surprise. However, at this stage, V'Shera has worked out a way to shift the phase variance of our inner layer of shields to match those of any further phased torpedoes, effectively neutralizing the advantage."

"If we do encounter the Furious again. I think it would be best to attempt to disable her to prevent easy pursuit of us. As it is, we're going to end up a few hours behind her arrival, thanks to the spiral drive."

"The furious aside, my primary goal is the apprehension of the impostor vessel and to put any plot concerning an Omega device to rest one way or the other. That is the only way that we can clear our names and make certain that any conspiracy is uncovered."

End Log.

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