Single Report for the USS Spectre Log Entry # 179

"Captain's log, Stardate 2408.06.07. 12:00 hundred hours."

"The Borg vessel and it's crew of drones have now been successfully nullified, the Marines having established full command of the bridge. During the mission to achieve nullification however, three drones were subsequently taken aboard the Spectre for analysis and possible de-assimilation, one of these has turned out to be the long lost wife of our Sec chief, Lieutenant Donaldson - she is currently described as stable but not cognitive, her implants having been successfully removed by the medical teams dealing with her"

"Doctor Gunnell has now begun retrieval of the Borg central core data by high speed datalink, completion of the upload is imminent but it has been decided that the data itself be adequately buffered from the ships own central core, in order to prevent cross contamination by active Borg code"

"I have received communication from the USS Humboldt under command of Captain JT Talasario, the same Captain responsible for the defection of the USS Alacrity during the civil war. It would seem that Talasario has been ordered to assist us at Antarchus , justification being that the Humboldt is a dedicated Science vessel and as such, is better equipped to deal with the Borg situation"

"I find this both odd and.... illogical. The Spectre has a fully equipped science platform under the control of Doctor Gunnell, our mission specialist in the field of Borg semantics. Mine however is not to reason, command has apparently seen fit to order the Humboldt to assist so who am I to question"

"End log... append to existing"