Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 178

First Officer's Log - Stardate 2408.04.28 1700 hours.

"The Hur'q have not attacked again since their last raid on the Bastion and we are using this time to repair what we can. To this end an away team has been sent over to the USS Epiphany to see if we can salvage their Navigational Deflector to replace our own and download as much of the Pip's logs as we can reclaim.

During their time there part of the away team was contacted by what seems to be two members of a race of non-corporeal beings and a very limited means of communication was established. Shortly afterwards they seemed to lose interest in the away team and left. During my conversation with Ji'yala and Ambassador Morgan on the Bastion it was mentioned that certain lights, which were described as 'ghosts', had been seen several times by various members of the Anti-Hur'q Alliance. I would hazard a guess that these beings are the ones meant.

We have been given 48 hours to respond to Ji'yala's rather high-handed ultimatum to join the Alliance, however we have been contacted independently by the Hunters, one of the members of the Alliance with a view to them forming their own alliance with us. We have invited them to a meeting on the Rose tomorrow in the hope that we can indeed form some sort of pact with them. Independently from that Lt Nayati has had contact with another member race in the Alliance, the Sky Spirits, regarding much the same thing.

Lt Maddox from the Science department has figured out a possible way that we might be able to communicate with the Hur'q since it seems that, like some Earth based insects, their language is partially pheromone based.

Ambassador Morgan (aka Ensign Anna Morgan, the sole survivor of the USS Epiphany) remains in Sickbay. Whilst there is nothing wrong with her the Captain and I thought it prudent to keep her there until we were able to debrief her further.

We have had two new crew members join us. Ensign (jg) Sam Lopez has taken up the role of ACMO and Lt Adrian Sloane has also boarded the ship. Lt Sloane was not scheduled to report, simply being the shuttle pilot bringing Ensign Lopez to us, however their shuttle was captured by the Harvester in the same way as the Rose was and unfortunately he now finds himself aboard for the duration.

Lt Raschen has been certified fit for duty by CMO Wyler and has taken charge of the Security Department once again. Because of the death of 2O/CTAC Lt Sullivan, TRADOC Lt Janeway has been asked to take command of the Tactical department.

There is one final sad amendment to our crew status. Ensign Dorian Weaver, our ACSO was unfortunately killed by the Hur'q during the raid on the Bastion. He died successfully attempting to disable the dampening field that the Hur'q deployed. His actions, in my opinion, saved a great many lives since I think the loss of the dampening field was one of the reasons that the Hur'q stopped their attack and retreated."

~End Log.

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