Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 177

"Our survey of the Beltanis Stellar Nursery has been anything but boring. Our situation turned from one of simple exploration to survival when we encountered a massive alien artifact known as The Harvester. The Rosenante was captured by this massive device when it trapped us in a powerful tractor beam and then transported the entire ship and her crew inside a massive neutronium sphere. We are not the only ones who have been trapped in this manner either. It seems that there are at least five other species who have befallen the same fate. The Nechani, Sky Spirits, Kobali, Hur'q, Hunters and B'zz'tz have all found themselves here for one reason or another. All but the B'zz'tz seem to be prisoners here. In addition to the dire circumstances, we have also discovered the wreckage of the USS Epiphany which disappeared nearly two-decades ago. Despite two clashes with the Hur'q we are hopeful to forge a cooperative alliance with the others here, to better organize and plan how we can make our escape. The depths of the alien vessel await us, and it is my belief that we must explore them in order to find our way out of here and return home to Federation Space."

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