Single Report for the USS Hades Log Entry # 175

The Federation has received a call for help from deep in the Beta Quadrant. An unknown race called the Tch'kairn have sent a distress call using an unknown methods, that indicates technology beyond that of the Federation. Such technology could be used create a power source beyond the imagination of Starfleet engineers. The possibility for First Contact with such a society was more than intriguing. However, what could possibly attack such and advanced race. The Admiralty has decided to send the USS Hades to find out more. Their mission, the make contact with the Tch'kairn, find out their disposition, and render aid if possible. But they will be heading to a, in all liklihood, volatile situation. So a war ship being sent on a peace mission seems the most logical plan.

What will Captain Sash and the crew of the Hades find when they get there? Be sure that they will need to wrestle with their own ideologies as they address a Rule of Conscience.