Single Report for the USS Boudicca Log Entry # 173

Having beamed aboard the freighter SS Bristol, the away team from the Boudicca began to experience strange sensations of fear, loneliness and panic. Shadows seemed to move, and despite the sensors and scanners showing the freighter to be deserted aside from the team from the Boudicca, they couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't alone. Eventually Lt Commander cha'Nooras insisted on an emergency recall, but as soon as the team arrived back on the Boudicca, the strange feelings left them.

It was decided to transfer the medical supplies to the Boudicca in order to get them to their destination before they began to decay, and so a transfer was set up. It wasn't too long before those sent over to the Bristol to facilitate the transfer began to have the same feelings as the away team had suffered, and then, part way through the transfer, the feelings vanished abruptly. At almost the same time people on the Boudicca began to experience those self-same feelings.

As luck would have it, two empathic half-~Betazoid officers, Lt Trei and Ensign Orion, were instrumental in recognising a 'signature' to the feelings, and deduced that they were in fact some kind of telepathic communication. Examination of the crates of medical supplies resulted in the discovery of a small alien creature named Loqi. Loqi was an adolescent who had crept into one of the crates when they were being packed with the raw materials needed for the medical supplies, and had inadvertently got trapped. His panic and fear were widely broadcast and affected all in the vicinity, telepath and non-telepath alike. Once the Boudicca crew understood Loqi's position, they readily agreed to take him home after they had delivered the medical supplies. They also had news of the freighter's crew, alive and well on an M class planet in a nearby star system.

Whilst all this was happening, Captain Rivers was recovering from her long illness. She has now been pronounced fit to return to duty.

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