Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 170

Leaving Barakos IV, the USS Rosenante sets course for the Haldor System.

En route the crew are attacked by their own holographic marine program which sows chaos and injures or kills several members of the ship's crew.

In the aftermath of the attack, caused by an unknown saboteur, the Rosenante takes refuge inside an asteroid belt while repairs are undertaken.

With repairs complete, the ship enters that Haldor system and takes up a geosynchronous orbit of a villa-like facility located in the polar region of Haldor II.

When sensors detect the presence of a single Meldovian lifesign, Captain Salid Orders a recovery team to prepare in the hopes of recovering the Meldovian and with the further hope that it belongs to the Prince.

With time disappearing quickly, the away team prepares to make their attack on the facility.

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