Single Report for the USS Boudicca Log Entry # 169

Personal log of Captain Susan Rivers, Stardate 2408.05.29.

Our mission at Tobias V seems to be going in the usual way - i.e. not according to plan. Most of the away team has been captured by the Tobians and to make matters worse, the CSO has been transported back to the ship in a state of collapse. Even Marto and Louis have been able to do nothing for him and he is currently in stasis awaiting the opportunity to send him back to Starbase Geneva in the hope that their medical facilities can do something for him. Marto suspects an extreme allergic reaction to some kind of mould encountered in the ventilation shaft he was exploring at the time of his collapse; we can only hope that this is due to his particular physiology and that it won't affect all of the away team members. Or if it does, that it has a lesser effect. They will all have to be monitored on their return to the ship.

Ironically enough, we have just received a new ACSO, Ensign (jg) Talmot. Luckily for us, as this at least gives the Science department some leadership, even if he is an untried graduate from the Academy. I have great hopes of him, his Academy report is most promising.

We also have a new CONN/OPS, Ensign (jg) Orion, arriving shortly - another welcome addition to our crew. His flight expertise should come in handy and I'm sure that Lt Yallix will appreciate the extra help in the OPS department. We will take the opportunity to return Commander Sprak to Geneva once Ensign Orion's shuttle docks.

All our hopes for the success of the mission team now rest with Ensigns George and Tau being able to effect a rescue. It's times like this when I really hate being stuck on the Bridge. I'd rather be down there in the thick of it.

End log and save to my personal file.