Biography for Chief Petty Officer Wai Biign, a Female Selkie aged 35
Character Physical Description

Wai Biign

Eyes : Black Weight : 10 Stone
Hair : None Skin :

Gray Scale

Height : 5 foot 6 Blood : Red
Wearing an emersion suit with a clear face plate so that she can see through
History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Mother was captain of a large subsurface transport. She made her children work on the transport so that they could have a skill when they grew up



Went through the education system on Pacifica and trained as an assistance engineer

Pre-Starfleet History


Spent time working on a subsurface transport to gain engieering experience

Starfleet History


Assigned to USS Spectre after graduating from the Academy

Medical History


No medical problems



Qualified engineer, especially in aquatic engineering

Other Information



Swimming, spending time underwater

General Notes





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