Biography for Second Lieutenant Kenneth McKenzie, a Male Human aged 28
Character Physical Description

Kenneth McKenzie

Eyes : Green Weight : 167 lbs
Hair : Red Skin :


Height : 6 foot 1 Blood : Red
Medium build, tall and slightly muscular.
History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Was born on a croft in Ballachulish, in the North-West Highlands of Scotland, Earth. Both his parents ran the croft. His father was a crofter and fisherman and his mother was the local doctor. During the holidays, Kenny spent his time either helping his father run the croft or helping him fish in a local loch. He enjoyed taking the boat out to fish and became an expert sailor. Enjoyed climbing Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain, when he was younger and this carried on as he grew up into a mountain-climbing hobby. Also loves Scottish and Earth history. Having spent a lot of his younger life gazing at the stars in the clear sky over his village, he developed an interest in the other species that lived out there. His head teacher in Secondary school nurtured that interest and helped him find out a great deal about the other races in the Federation. This fuelled his interest in Starfleet and was the specific reason for him applying to the Academy. He passed the Academy Entrance Exam first time and moved to San Francisco. Looks the strong silent type but is very friendly once spoken to. Normally quiet and thoughtful and doesn't talk much. In a crisis is cool, calm and collected. Although he loves modern technology, he is able to use basic old-fashioned technology if needed to. He is very tidy and organised and his room if often near-spotless with everything where is should be, even at his workplace. Has a habit of moving things which are not his if he is using the place which they are near to, to make things more tidy.



Ballachulish Primary, Oban High, University of Glasgow (Astronomy and Xenobiology), Starfleet Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History


His first job was helping his father sell seafood at the local Ballachulish Market which they catch almost every morning. His second job was helping as a waiter in a local inn. But the inn was destroyed in a night time fire a few weeks after him joining and he then went back to helping is father at the market.

Starfleet History


Starfleet Academy. Graduated, promoted to Ensign (Junior Grade) and assigned to the USS Hades as Assistant Chief Science Officer. Requested permission to be transferred to a Federation Science Vessel. Transfer granted, promoted to Ensign (Senior Grade) and assigned to the USS Mithrandir as Assistant Chief Science Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and assigned as Chief Science Officer.

Medical History


No physical problems but has been mentally disturbed several times since joining Starfleet. One his first assignment he was send to the USS Hades, a stealth ship designed for action behind enemy lines. Moments after joining the ship was sabotaged and a massive explosion ripped through the ship, severely inuring and killing several crewpersons. Kenny survived relatively unhurt but was force to carry a injured crew person to Sickbay alone before joining with an medical team to search for survivors. While doing so he encountered a dead crewperson who’s head had been burnt to also a skeleton as well as other horrific injuries on others. The entire event left him mentally scared and he still has flashbacks to it. While still on the Hades he was present during the Tch'Kairn Liberation in the Gamma Quadrant when he was involved in a life and death hand-to-hand fight with the Waagoshin. Despite controlling himself at the time, he was still left disturbed by the horrors he witnessed and at times thinks back to events.



Expert in Astrology, Xenobiology, fishing, herblore and farming. Basic knowledge in medicine. Was trained as a basic Field Medic by his mother.

Other Information



Chess, reading, Earth history, stargazing, weight-lifting. Enjoys holographic recreations of mountains and lakes so he can mountain climb and sail respectively.

General Notes


Agnostic but is interested in religion and the old Scottish/Celtic Pagan culture and enjoys studying them. Went to see the USS Voyager after it was decommissioned and made into a museum. Owns an official copy of the Decoration of Arbroath as well as recreations of weapons such a two 17th century British flintlock pistols, a Scottish longsword and buckler and a Japanese katana.



Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: Battle to liberate the Tch'Kairn system from Waagoshin oppression.

Awarded Captains Commendation: For outstanding service in the presence of a new life form and acting as an exemplary officer and a moral compass for the Command Staff.

Awarded Captains Commendation: For exemplary service and meeting all challenges faced with dignity and perseverance.

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