Biography for Cadet 4th Year Katrina Ishara LaBrea

Katrina Ishara LaBrea

Basic Character Information


Katrina Ishara LaBrea






A 'sanctuary distric



Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:





Blood Color:

Red with h

Skin Color:


Physical Description

Katrina is an average human in physique. She has freckles across her cheeks and nose which she used to hate as a kid but embraces now. Her hair is a messy bob usually pulled back into a very short ponytail. She thinks her nose is too big, but she still gets plenty of dates.

Position and Ranking


Holodeck 2


Engineering Major


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Katrina grew up in a 'sanctuary district' on Turkara IV during the anarchy. She doesn't remember her parents, who were killed when she was very young, but she remembers an older girl, possibly her sister, who disappeared trying to save her from the street gangs. She was raised by a cadre who were unloving/uncaring but safe. Several of her 'friends' growing up joined Starfleet over the years. She finally decided she couldn't take it anymore and joined Starfleet 5 years ago. She spent the last 40 years angry and scared. Starfleet was a huge struggle for her, but she learned discipline and respect and a hierarchy system which she desperately needed.


Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

What did she do before Starfleet? In a word- Survive. Turkana IV is a brutally violent place. She learned how to fight, but she despises it. She tried to rescue children whenever she could. She knows a little about everything but everything about very little. She learned everything she could about everything around her, including engineering and medicine which helped in the Academy.

Starfleet History

Medical History

She is on a regular schedule with a Counselor due to her traumatic childhood. This was mandatory in the Academy, but was reassessed as voluntary upon graduation. She will continue with the ship's Counselor.

Other Information


What does your character like to do when off duty? Katrina reads voraciously, especially on topics that currently interest her. Unfortunately, her interests jump around frequently, so she rarely excels at anything. She also enjoys card games with small groups of close friends.

Skills and Abilities

Katrina is a bright and inquisitive engineer. She is studios and hard working. Her area of expertise is physical chemistry; specifically the duterium fusion impulse drive reactors, including inertial dampers. She does well in small, confined spaces (non claustrophobic), so Jeffries tubes are no problem. She is confident and competent in field medicine but has no surgical experience. She works well under pressure but is known to have issues with massive combat situations.


Entering the Academy at a later age (she was 40 at enrollment), she took on a sort of maternal role for some of the youngest students. She has never had children of her own (due to being brutally violated by the gangs on more than one occasion, she cannot have children) so she is extremely protective of those that seem to need a watchful eye.

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