Biography for Cadet 4th Year Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner

Basic Character Information


Daniel Gardner






Lunar Colony


3/4 El Aurian 1/4 Vulcan

Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:



5 foot 11


Blood Color:

Light Red

Skin Color:


Physical Description

Daniel is built physically well; standing at 511 and weighing just over 12 stone. Although not considered one of the most attractive humanoid males, Daniel is a striking figure. His face is chiseled and well formed thanks to his Vulcan heritage. His ears are slightly pointed, again thanks to his ancestry. He is well proportioned for his size, having developed an athletic body from his continued, ritualistic, exercise.

Position and Ranking


Holodeck 3


Tactical Major


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Daniel is the middle child in a family of 3 children. His parents were both Starfleet Officers, prior to there death. His eldest brother is already in Starfleet


Primary Education Secondary Education University - Forensic Psychology - Graduated with 2:1 Starfleet Academy - Major Starship Tactical and Security Operations, Advanced Weapon systems and advanced hand to hand combat. Advanced Investigation and interview techniques. Minored basic counselling techniques. Not including extra circular classes in Advanced Martial Arts

Pre-Starfleet History

Daniel was born in 2383. He was raised on New Berlin on the Lunar Colony, before returning with his mother, father and older brother, Peter, to Starbase 500. Life on board a Starbase had its advantages, especially as a child growing up with parents as Senior Officers. As young boys, all three of the Gardner children built a relationship up with the Commanding Officer, Captain Eerin, an Andorian. They came to call him Uncle Eerin. Daniel was very inquisitive as a child, always looking at and breaking things and always winning the games of hide and seek his brother and sister used to play. The three Gardner children were good students, academically and in there outside of class activities, namely Wing Chun, an early form of Kung Fu, which led them all to becoming proficient martial artists even from a young age. This is something that put him in good stead when he joined the Starfleet Academy, where there were various groups set up for Wing Chun. With the blessing of 'Uncle Eerin' the three Gardner children were made Acting Ensign's. Already a cocky youth Daniel tried hard to impress the Officers on the station, which in some ways he did, but they also tried to temper his cocky nature, which was met with little success. The many experiences they were lucky enough to receive, ranging from working in engineering, the science labs, the bridge and security, enabled them to shine above the rest with their Starfleet Application because of their practical knowledge.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Daniel has had no known medical issues

Other Information


Daniel enjoys physical activity, running, swimming, hiking, martial arts training, scuba diving and recently, as he has got older, reading. Including collecting ancient earth paper books.

Skills and Abilities

With the help of his Grandfather, he has retained some success with the touch telepathy, the Vulcan mind meld. He is an accomplished martial artist, namely in Wing Chun an ancient form of Kung Fu. He has also retained most of the strength of the Vulcan species.


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