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Nimue Aline

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Nimue Aline






Rawanna III



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light blue

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Physical Description

As almost 200 years old Vulcan/El-Aurian Nimue still looks like a child. Mostly seen on her face which is still chubby despite her slim figure. She is thin but masculine, not due to workout but through good breed. It seems she got most from her Ullian ancestors since got from them pale skin, snow white hair and slightly upswept eyebrows. She has two ridges on her nose, similar to those Bajoran have but much softer, and those continue on a forehead where there are 3 more which end in distinctive forehead markings she inherited through her Lumerian ancestry. Her ears are pointy but not as sharp as Vulcan. Her hair is rich, curly which she tends to gather in a bun or tail.

Position and Ranking


Waiting Assignment


Waiting Assignment


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

EARLY AGE Mailea was found in stasis aboard the ship which was strange concoction of several technologies. Since was recognized as high level telepath was sent to live and receive education on Vulcan. First few years on Vulcan were hell for her. But once when learned to control her powers and shell emotions she found out she love her life there. CHILDHOOD Her first hosts were strict followers of Surak and with complete suppression of emotions, kind during Mailea’s gentle years, when too much strong emotions could harm her. But at the same time made her grew up thinking that her powers are something to be ashamed of, what is following her whole her life, even now. Second hosts were "V'tosh ka'tur" or "Vulcans without Logic". Life with them was constant test for Mailea and everything she learned about suppressing emotions and controlling her powers. But she was happy. For the first time in her life Mailea was feeling... but it didn’t last long. Her hosts decided to join their like-minded compatriots in their nomadic life and search for those who left long ago in search for fusion of logic and emotions. Mailea, taught to experience emotions fully, and abandoned again, was devastated. And this was the first time since her arrival to Vulcan that she was reminded how different she is, when she was denied Kolinahr. YOUTH Again in “proper” family managed to find a tutor and make him lead her on a ritual pilgrimage which she planned to be a cleansing, but old man teaches her many important lessons, making her appreciate her ancestry, and everything her difference mean. And among them also the fact that her emotions as strong as they are, are there to help her learn control. Among many stories, last one stayed in her mind forever... Sarvak: The battle rage between two “wolves” inside us all. One is Evil - It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. After thinking about it for some ime she asked.. Labria: Which wolf wins? Sarvak: The one you feed. Finishing this story he left her in a base of mount Seleya, to meditate through his teachings and accept IDIC. When returned “home”, she did it with decision to join StarFleet... ACADEMY Whole her life she knew she wants in Starfleet, and was preparing for it, finding her place in research. She was good in sciences, both soft and hard, as also medical sciences and first aid Every time when some kind of end happened it was a time Mailea felt her uniqueness as a burden. All her colleagues were writing happy letters to their loved ones to tell them of their great accomplishments. Everyone has someone to turn to when it was hard to lean on when needed strength to proceed. She had no one. She was one and only, a child – creation not even her creators wanted. She was always different and always in wrong place. When was found as a little child and her psionic strength recognized the fact she was also part Vulcan made people who found her sent her to Vulcan. Was it right choice for a girl. For a long time she hated it. It was never easy or gentle on her. Never right. But can anyone choose their parents or a way to live through childhood. Listening to her roommate from Bajor waking up screaming in the middle of the night Mailea was happy for relative safety she had in her youth. But watching gentle parents with hands full of gifts visiting their children, even her roommate, Mailea felt always so lonely. So after two years on Academy always spending those days hiding... and in tears, on third she made a list of places to visit, not to be in a dorm when they come. Since Mailea spent 7 years on Academy due to change in mayor from Science to medical and in the end finally settled as operations a list of visited sites turned into an Impressive Itinerary. IN SEARCH FOR HER ROOTS But the real reason it lasted so long is not just her need to settle but the fact that was repeating a year and repeating it after almost 20 years of traveling the Galaxy in search for herself. During her final year on academy Mailea met a shadowy figure who gave her a PADD with 5 names. Soon she found out those names belong to people of races she descend from and figured they must be her “parents”. So left academy and in her SS Pi'yel-hali (Little ship in Vulcan) started a search of her ancestry. Soon Mailea realized that due to her age, it is absolutely not surprise, that all those people are long dead. When almost gave up on her search (which at the moment ate almost 10 years of her life) suddenly found a common thread. At one time all of them requested transport to very scarcely part on the edge of Par'tha Expanse, which was in the time she was found near Renaaran Sector unknown territory. Finally Mailea had “something”. It was not much, but enough to start with. Scanning of the region in search of anything that would seem as a research facility or center took 7 years, but every time she wanted to give up something pulled her to move just a grid away and continue her research. Lab was dead for ages and everything was or taken away or destroyed. When finally found what was looking for, when thought she’ll find out something her heart was so wildly plucked from her chest that she just wanted to die. Mailea was wandering through dead corridors and rooms for days, always hoping she’ll find something what will give her some answers, and after maybe a week and maybe a month, who knows she found one old memory module well hidden, pushed between a closet and a wall. When returned to her little ship with mysterious memory module it took her maybe an hour to tap into its secrets. For next few days she was watching feeds from meetings held by crew of the research center. A face of young and very sad looking Marine officer appeared and started to tell the story: “Hiding behind the technicality they were trying to create, again, ultimate soldier. Since they were not changing genetic structure, enhancing it by forbidden means, nothing in research was questionable. Risans were chosen as a base race for their strong body structure and internal biology capable of forming bond with other races. Betazoids were chosen for their ability to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for unique ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances in the space/time continuum and ability to remember the original version of history if a change is made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a psionic bond with another person, giving him/her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner, Ullians for their telepathy, Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights and Zakdorn for their unique ability to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process. They expected to get 1 perfect specimen in no more than 10 children. But it didn’t work.” A picture changed into a conference room where one by one meeting were held. One by one she was watching birth and destruction of her brothers and sisters. All brought in their life as a hope of constructing forbidden ultimate soldier, and all senselessly killed for not being what were expected to be. A face of sad young Marine returned: As you know, my children, oh I love to call you my children, for I gave you life. Whenever was able to be chosen to cancel one of you it was my time for joy, because it was the day I saved one life. But I was not careful enough and few of you didn’t get far enough. When they found out laboratory was closed and I had time just to download records for each of you save this message for you and run for my life.” When monitor went black Mailea started to cry and cried for hours. She was so sad, so broken that almost didn’t acknowledged numbers that lasted for just a few seconds at the very end of recording. Since her “father” mentioned records on “them” she decided the numbers must be coordinates, so went back into hunting herself, again. But first took memory module and returned with it to the lab and hide it herself, hoping one of her brothers or sisters who were saved will find it one day in their search for truth. When reached planet vacating coordinates from recording, found there was only one dwelling on a beautiful, uninhabited pelagic planet. It raised her spirits. But again years played their part in eternal story of life and death. Message, their now old father left was, to go to basement and try retinal scan on locks on switch boxes there until one open. Only problem here was to find basement. This was end of long search, a search which for Mailea lasted for 17 years, and here at the end of it she was reluctant to end it. She spent months living in that paradise hoping to meet one of her siblings, but as much as was always loner and as much as learned to love that place Mailea finally had a need for company. Mailea was sitting by the fireplace watching “her” case, being faced with her own imperfection, was reluctant to find out as much as in months before. But this time opened it: “Instead of inheriting control over control body functions she inherited high level empathy completely useless for soldier. Despite being the first specimen to finally have Brekkian ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge, she’s useless here too, because have absolutely no control over it, but produce it when frightened as natural defense system. Instead of inheriting sensitivity to disturbances in the space/time continuum she inherited very calm, collected demeanor so seem sometimes stupidly slow. This one is the most interesting degeneration that happened, instead of being able to get rid of "mental waste", she can collect it and not able to dump it turns her into very depressed person quite often. Specimen makes all of us very hard to get angry at her, she managed to very fast learn how to use that ability drawing all bad feelings from us. She inherited Vulcan telepathy and strong emotions powers instead of body build, while from Ullians got most all external features instead of telepathy and from Zakdorn instead of ability to use strategy and tactics, small figure and low pain threshold. So despite being really cute girl she’s set for termination in 10 days.” Just one other message was there in a box. It was explanation her “father” left to let her know that he was the one who erased her memory and did it to protect her... Aditional information can be also found: In her searches, Nimue fell into slavery. Orion pirates caught her and enslaved. After months of indifference Nimue found a courage to fight back. Running away from the ship she was enslaved on, Nimue killed everyone except slaves aboard. She still didn't tell the full story to anyone, but rage she felt and joy of killing spree are weighing heavy on her still even 100 years later. RETURN TO ACADEMY When finally found what she is was ready to return to Academy and join Starfleet. Since she finished all her courses and passed exams too long ago Mailea was asked to retake some of them. Since was near SB 118 had Academy campus, Mailea was instructed to go there. When reached her new Academy quarters, first was surprised by the fact she’s not sharing it, at least for the moment and then by the size of them. It took her 2 years to relearn changes in last 20 years and retake all exams, and now only one last thing was dealing her from becoming an Ensign and it was final exam. Lea awoke early, or better to say, deep into the station's night, but she was quite satisfied by that fact. She used an hour or so for meditation, sitting on the bed in Lotus position, starting with breathing exercises. Touching parts of her body with her mind, she made them resonate properly. It was a long and tedious process, but at the same time, restful for her whole body. The most important part of it, was it always cleansed her mind. After a rich breakfast took a sonic shower, ordered a new clean uniform. When finally fully clothed took care of her rich white hair binding it firmly. When finally set and ready checked chronometer and smiled. With precision timing inherited from her El-Aurian side Mailea reached Holodeck 17 less than a minute before her instructors. SERVING ON CHALLENGER For the most part her life on Challenger was happy memory, but troubling years and hard life connected with lack of understanding pushed her into suicide she regretted before properly committed. NEW LIFE Nimue awoke as a Clone of Mailea Labria, after troubled child committed suicide and accidentally stored her Katra in her friends mind. When Mailea committed suicide and Tallis Rhul arrived to her body, feeling his sorrow above her death as a last straw Mailea stored her Katra into Tallis' brain For a long time she was happy empty and dead , but then realised it is not death so when wanted him to release her, help her to truly die Tallis talked her into life . Then she told Tallis to talk to Kosk - the Keeper for the children Marine Father saved, and ask him for help. He will tell Tallis that he must acquire a sample of her genetic material and then come and bring it to him and then Kosk will find a geneticist medic to grow her body again. When Tallis finds out that her body is already sent to Starfleet medical, he take it as dead end. But Mailea recommend him to take her ship (which is still on Challenger - nobody bothered to get rid of it and nobody requested it) and by the maps and charts find Rawanna Laboratory. Mailea talled him that she didn't manage to get into the laboratory properly, but later in her dreamscape during the mission when was going through time realised it from the places she visited during the return to past. So Tallis with Lea in his mind searched the compound till get into the real laboratory where found samples of all children created there and the documents Mailea was searching for during her first visit. With the biosample Tallis returned to Kosk who told him to come back in three months when the body will be ready for transfer of mind. In the meantime Tallis contacted Mailea's mentor, Vulcan Sarvak who now lives in P'Jem Monastery who should find the Priest or Priestess capable of returning Katra to Mailea's new body. When everything was prepared Kosk brought Mailea's body to Vulcan where Priestess conducted fal tor pan. After ceremony Sarvak took Mailea to P'Jem. Mailea and Tallis parted ways, but stayed friends and shared calls regularly during her time of recuperation. Time of awakening lasted for 8 months out of what first two Mailea spent on P'Jem, next two on Vulcan Science Academy (a place which was her unfortunate home for a many years) and the rest on Betazed, where Nimue was born. On Betazed Nimue was taught again how to control her emotions and telepathic abilities. During a series of tests she regained the memories of her first life. With those memories also the new name. After a thorough consideration she first took only her first name Nimue, but later accepted both names given to her in a Laboratory. Nimue Aline - both are actually first names of her "mothers" (Ullian and Risian woman who gave genetic material for creation of Rawanna Constructs.) Nimue then returned to Starfleet Academy for the fourth time in her life where was tested in knowledge and abilities she must know to be able to serve on a starship again - got clean bill of health and her diploma was updated for a new name. Nimue served aboard the USS Ronin for only few months when a conflict with her CO grew to the level she decided to resign her Starfleet commission for good this time. LIFE OF A SELLSWORD Nimue spent next 20 years working as security/engineer/tactical and everything else needed on or following various transport ships. This caused a lot of damage to her beloved SS "Pi'yel-hali" and she left it in the shipyard for repairs. At this time she returned to serving in Starfleet all over again.


Homeschooled on Vulcan and traveling by her adopted V'tosh ka'tur Vulcan parents Vulcan Science Academy Betazed Academy Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

After leaving Starfleet again, Nimue decided to put her experience in finding the clues and collecting the dots into a use as private investigator. She learned early to be patient and look for the information and gather it in order to make proper conclusions. First time she was doing it she didn't want to give up and it lead her in finding her roots. Now she had experience of many years and was able to lead investigations many others gave up on.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Beside normal things like broken bones and bruises which were healed, she died. This body is a clone from the original. DOB: 31. 05. 2221. (2276. for Nimue clone)

Other Information


Hobbies and Pastimes Riding - love horses and riding since first met them Walking and Hiking - started during Starfleet Academy and kept as always loved pastime - long walks in the woods and hiking Mountains gave her always a feeling of freedom she never have among people Reading - since spent lot of time alone on her SS Pi'yel-hali, reading everything she could access was one of her bigger passions

Skills and Abilities

Strength of Vulcans. Tough body composition, fast healing and extremely fast metabolism by Risians - which backfired in her case into the need to eat as a baby, every 4-6 hours or feels nausea. Sensitivity to disturbances in the space/time continuum and ability to remember the original version of history if a change is made in time as El-Aurian. High telepathy and strong empathy.


RAWANNA CONSTRUCTS The Rawanna Constructs is a group of children (number unknown) created in one more search for ultimate soldier. PHYSIOLOGY All Constructs are combination of 8 main races Betazoid, Brekkian, El-Aurian, Lumerian, Risian, Ullian, Vulcan and Zakdorn. Risans were chosen as a base race for their strong body structure and internal biology capable of forming bond with other races. Betazoids were chosen for their ability to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for unique ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances in the space/time continuum and ability to remember the original version of history if a change is made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a psionic bond with another person, giving him/her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner, Ullians for their telepathy, Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights and Zakdorn for their unique ability to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process. For each new batch some additional component was added to maybe bring stability to construct but no data is available for each construct, nor the list of races is ever found. It was expected that at least one out of 10 creations will have wanted qualities, but natural selection didn’t work, and since needed founds scientists (at least in beginning) didn’t tap into forbidden sphere of genetic alterations in DNA sequencing. Most of constructs had maybe one of wanted qualities, and most not even one. Only case where Lumerian ability to dump “mental waste” was inherited it was the most interesting degeneration that happened (construct Mailea Labria) where instead of being able to get rid of "mental waste", she can collect it. No other case of inheriting that particular ability is noted. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS But despite common and in most cases even same ancestors, constructs don’t have many or in some cases even any distinguished common physical characteristics. BODY COMPOSITION As is case with common looks same is with body composition. Every specimen tend to inherit more from one and less from another species. Senses Since most of races have some type or variation of psionic ability almost all specimens have high readers abilities. RESISTANCES It is impossible to determine one that would be common to all specimens, since every and each is different from each other, but most managed to inherit inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane common to Vulcans though not all, but all have somewhat stronger body and fast metabolism. VULNERABILITIES Most of specimens have Low Pain threshold and high energy consumption during use of their psionic abilities. PHYSIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTS Due to fast metabolism and high energy consumption they all need lot of nutrients. HISTORY In constant search to create “perfect soldier” a group of scientist get into research “on the edge” of allowed and very close to forbidden genetic engineering. Hiding behind the technicality of not using forbidden methods of enhancing genetic structure, but only mixing genes got green light to start research. The plan worked fine tried in holodeck, but actual results were far from acceptable. It was expected to one in 10 created specimens have at least 80% of wanted characteristics. In 23 years of research and over 1000 specimens they got no acceptable results. Laboratory is closed and everything about research erased when is discovered that a group of specimens managed to evade “cancelation” and were found by various races throughout the Renaaran Sector. TABOOS No known common, but Mailea Labria tend to feel uncomfortable around non readers! RELIGION Most of the specimens tend to accept common religions of species they live with.