Biography for Cadet 4th Year Lukas Alkenser

Lukas Alkenser

Basic Character Information


Lukas Alkenser






Starbase 12, Gamma 4



Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:

Light blue

Hair Colour:

Light brow


5' 8.5"



Blood Color:


Skin Color:


Physical Description

Lukas is 5’ 8 ˝” tall and broad-shouldered, weighing about 150lbs. He has a light, open face, with a straight nose and strong, square features. His hair is an unruly wave of fair brown which he is constantly trying to keep under control, and his eyes are pale blue. He is almost always smiling gently, as if everything has the potential to bring him some sort of interest or pleasure. His voice is usually soft, almost a purr, with a Germanic accent giving an edge to certain words and tones. Lukas almost never barks and speaks up when needed, but universally prefers to speak quietly, directly to people.

Position and Ranking


Waiting Assignment


Waiting Assignment


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Lukas was born on Starbase 12, in the Gamma 400 system to an unknown Starfleet Security Officer working on the Starbase at the time. His father, Rudi Alkenser never talked about his mother: he remarried and Lukas was raised by him and his stepmother, Luci. Lukas grew up in the small City of Vaduz, Leichtenstein, Earth. Lukas always knew his father was up to no good, Rudi would often disappear for months on end and his step-mother refused to tell Lukas where he was. Sometimes their home and even Lukas’ bedroom would be full of odd cargo boxes which would suddenly disappear again. When Lukas grew up he caught on that his father was at the centre of some sort of smuggling operation, not wanting to get his father into trouble he kept quiet about it and got on with his own life. Rudi always kept Lukas out of that side of his life until during one particularly heated teenage child argument his father let something slip. Rudi snapped that Lukas interrogated him as much as his mother did: she was a Starfleet Security Officer, what excuse did Lukas have? Rudi clammed up after that and refused to speak about her, not even revealing her name, only that she never had anything to do with them and never would. Lukas always believed that had she found out what his father had been up to she would have had to arrest him. Lukas sometimes feels he would like to know who his mother was, but he doesn’t feel a need to seek her out.


Little Quasars, Starbase 12 Kindergarten, Starbase 12, Gamma 400 system Princess Theresa Junior School, Vaduz, Liechtenstein Vaduz Senior Academy High School Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

Lukas' childhood was pretty typical for an Earth human: he enjoyed socialising and had a sizable group of school friends that he spent time with. Lukas had a few girlfriends in his teen years, but nothing particularly serious. His longest relationship, that could be measured in years rather than weeks, was with his pet Drathan puppy lig called Johan. Johan was his constant companion and Lukas had to give him up when he joined Starfleet Academy. He did not, however, give up his acoustic guitar. Lukas found some time ago that a musical talent can often attract a certain kind of companion so he taught himself, finding a love of classical European styles and some esoteric alien musical systems too. He was always just average at school, barely scraping by. His teachers often ascribed this to an absent father and a lack of discipline at home. Lukas very nearly dropped out of school, considering anything from a mediocre musical career, to a life of crime. However, his engineering tutor: a retired Starfleet Engineer called Lee Coffin saw potential in Lukas. A former Starship Engineer now teaching Engineering 101 at Vaduz Senior Academy, Professor Coffin sponsored Lukas’ application to the Academy and encouraged him to see his studies through. Professor Coffin helped Lukas hone his natural problem-solving talents and he found a new enthusiasm, majoring in computer programming, warp theory and structural engineering at the Academy.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Lukas was once treated for several fractures after taking a bet to attempt to seduce the daughter of a Klingon dignitary at the age of 19. Whether he won the bet is not on public record

Other Information


Lukas is a social person and likes to spend his off hours in company. He is not keen on being alone and often contrives to create social gatherings or events. If left alone he tends towards playing his guitar.

Skills and Abilities

Lukas specialises in computer sciences, warp field theory and space-frame structural engineering. His main focus is problem solving, rather than pure mathematics, working out how to make the technology provide a service to the person. He is an expert at programming complex subroutines and has a mathematical aptitude too. His problem solving tenacity drives him to rework technology, equipment and resources to repurpose them. Lukas can look at a phaser, tricorder and anti-grav lift and see the potential for miniature tractor beam emitter or inverted phase pulse detector. His solutions are often unorthodox and sometimes involve taking parts from something else. Lukas is also a calm, collected individual who rarely panics. He is not as physically strong as, for example, a tactical officer, but neither is he unfit or overweight. He did not excel in the self-defence combat training at the Academy and doesn't really engage in sports. Lukas can be charming and diplomatic, often deferring to others if they have strong opinions. Lukas is also a self-taught classical guitar player with a modicum of singing talent.


In Starfleet Academy Lukas was notorious for his love life, carrying on old habits from his youth. Even in his final year, there are some dormitories and even some classes Lukas avoids because of the glares he receives from certain students. Lukas keeps a personal PADD in his dorm room with a map of Federation space, to which he has added “pins” denoting the homeworlds of his liaisons. Overall, Lukas is affable and charming, capable of being extremely focussed if a subject is of interest to him. He is organised, but also relaxed to the point of laziness. Several marks for tardiness are noted in his Academy personal record. He is not disrespectful and fits neatly into the chain of command, noted as being willing to listen to the opinions and ideas of others without the need to impose his will or authority onto others. Lukas’ approach to the Kobayashi Maru was recorded as “initially hesitant, reluctant to place ship and crew in violation of regulations, however once convinced by the pleas of the desperate victims, Mr. Alkenser dove headlong into the fray. He attempted several innovative and potentially dangerous technical solutions to the increasingly hazardous situation of the simulation in an attempt to solve the dilemma before him.”