Biography for Cadet 4th Year Nima Garrett

Nima Garrett

Basic Character Information


Nima Garrett






Earth (Halifax, Nova



Character Physical Information

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Physical Description

Nima is tall and muscular (think MMA fighter). She appears a touch beefier than the average woman. Her hair is short (only about 3cm long) and is kept tamed down and neat while on duty, but spiky when off duty. Nima has the tell talwe spots running down the sides of her body, but they are subtle, a nod to her Human father.

Position and Ranking


Holodeck 1


Medical Major


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Nima was born on Earth, to a Human father and a Trill mother. Both of Nina's parents were in Starfleet. Her mother was killed in a shuttle accident t when Nima and her siblings were toddlers. Her father, Dalton Garrett, was a Federation aid worker, providing food and medical care to colonies devastated by the fighting. She is one of a set of triplets, which is practically unheard of on Trill. Nima, her brother Trem and sister Corgo, all joined the Academy, taking up different specialties. Term, using gis charisma, wants to be a negotiator and Forgo, an engineer, specializing in nanotech.


Nima was moved around in regards to her schooling. She was educated on Earth with relatives while her father was away on missions. At the age of twelve, it was decided that Nima and her siblings would be educated on Trill, and live withvthwir aunt and uncle. Nima graduated from the Trill science Academy with honours in interspecies medicine and infectious diseases. (Nina's medical education would be on par with a nurse practitioner. She did not attend medical school and is not a doctor)

Pre-Starfleet History

Nima had been living on Trill with her aunt and uncle since the age of twelve. She attended the Trill Science Academy, specializing in infectious diseases. Nima and her siblings were practivcally bullied into attending Starfleet Academy by their narcissistic father.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Nima is allergic to hyronalyn, a treatment for radiation poisoning. Please use an alternative unless the situation is dire

Other Information


Nima keeps fit through playing hockey on the holodeck. She also has a pair of rats named Mark and Kingsley.

Skills and Abilities

Vast knowledge of infectious diseases suffered by many Federation and Non Federation species. Interspecies medicine training (about on par with a 21st century phycisian assistant) Training in tactical Piloting Shuttle repair


Nima is left handed.