Biography for Cadet 4th Year Louise Winters

Louise Winters

Basic Character Information


Louise Winters






Space Colony, Grey H



Character Physical Information

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Physical Description

A puberty without a lot to eat made Louise struggle to put on weight later in life. Now as an adult, Louise—despite becoming taller and more muscular—struggles to make her body look completely normal, she always appears too thin. She has a mature and serious disposition, projecting an image of determination and focus to those around her.

Position and Ranking


Holodeck 7


Tactical Major


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Having not been in contact with them since she ran away from home at age 13, Louise does not have any desire to see her family again; however, as far as Louise knows, her family still lives on the space colony, Grey Harbor. Siegel Winters, her father, passed away when Louise was 3 years old. Louise’s mother—Talia Winters—remarried a wealthy merchant named Jamitov Vermillion within a year after Siegel’s death. Unable to have children himself, Jamitov set about shaping the children of Siegel and Talia into the “proper inheritors” of the Vermillion family. Although not by any means the ones in control of Grey Harbor, the Vermillion family’s wealth in trade makes them a high contender for potential marriages with the ruling family of Grey Harbor. Jamitov set about training and preparing his new children for politics—marriage included. Louise has three brothers, two older and one younger—Bernard Vermillion (33), Visch Vermillion (29), and Canard Vermillion (24). All three adjusted to their new way of life with gusto, changing them from average citizens of the colony, to children of a ruthless merchant. Louise was no exception; however, she was fortunate enough to “wake up” and ran away from home soon after.


A mix of both formal and informal can best describe Louise’s education. By age 12, she had an intense and thorough education on history, math, languages and sciences at an accelerated and, often times, cruel rate. After she ran away from home at age 13, she learned how to pilot starships until she left Grey Harbor when she turned 18. After meeting and forming a bond with a Starfleet Captain, Louise trained in the basic principles needed to enter Starfleet Academy, joining when she was 23. Four years have passed…

Pre-Starfleet History

Louise Winters was born on a space colony named Grey Harbor. Shaped like a massive metallic globe, the outside of the colony is completely smooth and sealed, save for the spires rising out of the surface like icicles. It is on these spires that outside starships can dock and fly through to get to the Core of the colony. The Core is where most of the trade and commerce occurs for those deemed acceptable trading partners inside Grey Harbor. Grey Harbor’s entire social structure drives its inhabitants to succeed financially. Called almost “Ferangi-like” the inhabitants compete with each other to stay within the core of the colony. The closer to the core, the better ones status, fame, and fortune. That being said, there is only so far a person can rise above their station without one necessary factor, bloodline. Centuries ago, the species that founded the station became its nobles; one family in particular became the rulers of Grey Harbor, essentially royalty. Still in control to this day, the nobles around them engage in a cutthroat battle to join the highest social class within the colony walls. Divided into four sections from the inmost outwards: Deep Core is the place where the nobles and royalty—of the purest blood—live. The next section is the Inner Core, where nobles with diluted blood and the wealthy average citizen dwell. After that, it is Edge Core is where the average resident and tourist reside. Finally, the Outer Core, a massive slum where the dregs of society struggle to survive. Louise’s mother, possessing some noble blood—although heavily diluted—together with her husband struggled to maintain their residence in the Inner Core. Once Siegel passed away, leaving Talia alone with four children, it seemed all but a certainty that they would lose their status and become just an average citizen, with little hope of returning to the Inner Core. It was then that the Winter’s family was rescued by a cunning noble businessperson named Jamitov Vermillion. Marrying Talia, Jamitov educated his new children with the hope that he would use his new prodigy to rise into the Deep Core with well-planned political marriages and a ruthless abandon to moral decency. Now living with noble parents who aspired for her to marry royalty in order to keep their new family name secure, Louise Winters—now Louise Vermillion—realized that they did not care about her as an individual. Her-step father never showed her any affection and Louise’s mother, so terrified about losing social status and becoming a laughing-stock, became frantic and harsh to her children whenever they displeased the new patriarch. Realizing she was nothing more than a way for her parents to secure wealth and status, Louise ran away from home, leaving her parents and siblings to think she was dead. After spending five years out in the slums, learning how to fend for herself, Louise tried to leave Grey Harbor with her own ship. Unfortunately, an accident occurred. Her ship destroyed, Louise was saved at the last second by a Federation Starship, whose Captain took her in and became an almost surrogate parent to the lost young adult. Inspired, Louise joined Starfleet at the age of 23, determined to save and change people’s life the same way the Federation changed hers for the better. Four years have passed since she joined…

Starfleet History

Medical History

When she left Grey Terminal, Louise’s most serious medical incident occurred, almost killing her. The accident that destroyed her ship exposed her to hard vacuum for several seconds; additionally, the fire that filled her ship before it ripped apart engulfed her entire left side, giving her horrible burns. The physical damage eventually repaired, the only lasting harm is a strong fear of fire that Louise still is dealing with today. Since than—for almost a decade—Louise has been the picture of perfect health. The average checkup continues her struggle to put on just “a few more” pounds, but most doctors agree that her weight is within acceptable limits.

Other Information


Louise stays in shape with a strict routine of physical training, both at a gym and on the holodeck. Since she joined the academy she started using the holodeck to box, finding herself drawn to the old sport and fighting style. Additionally she competes frequently in IM tennis matches, liking how it pushes her to react faster in a variety of situations. Louise also has a secret guilty pleasure of reading a variety of erotica from all over the galaxy, which comes from her repressive childhood.

Skills and Abilities

Louise has extensive knowledge of piloting and maintaining/repairing starships. During her time out in the slums of Grey Harbor she learned how to get a beaten and damaged ship to fly; unfortunately, she has a tendency to be less than conventional when it comes to these things. Ignoring regulations and often times getting a ship to fly just well enough for her, but others at the helm may find the ship handles “perplexing” at best. Her time since leaving Grey Harbor has made Louise realize the need to conform to regulations, but sometimes she falls into bad habits. Skipping crucial steps in ship repairs and sometimes appearing reckless in how she flies, although it is not out of ego or the desire for thrills, Louise just uses what she knows and sometimes her ways of thinking need expansion. Louise, despite her thin and sickly looking frame, is quick on her feet, well-coordinated, and can take a punch. The time in the slums toughened her up from a pampered, spoiled girl to a rough-and-tumble woman who is stubborn and—both literally and figuratively—hardheaded.


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