Biography for Cadet 4th Year Torin "Lazarus"


Basic Character Information


Torin "Lazarus"






T'Khasi, T'Paal city



Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:






Blood Color:


Skin Color:

light brow

Physical Description

slender build, agile and confident demeanor

Position and Ranking


Waiting Assignment


Waiting Assignment


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Torin was born from both Vulcan parents, Dalok a diplomatic attache and T'Lara, a scientis who works in greening the desert surface of T'Khasi. But despite this usual condition He decided not to follow entirely the Surak Philosphy and He tries to conceal control of emotion with a full exploration of the spectre of emotions. So He studied when he was 15 years old in a secret academy, rooted in Sybok philosphy, far from his parents's eyes. Subsequently Dalok and T'Lara discovered that their son didn't want to practice the rite of Kolinahr and he did want to be free from extreme logic restriction, producing a strong break up in their family ties.


Sybok secret gymnasium Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

When Torin studied in the secret Sybok gymnasium He decided to add a second name to his first original name. It was "Lazarus" who means a sort of resurrection from what he believe as a unnatural constriction: the logic. It was search for a part almost illogical in his life, where emotions should drain more satisfaction from life. He escaped from Vulcan, in search for a new homeland. He lived in a colony, in the Bajor system. Here he tried to analyze more deeply the fundamentals of Surak, reaching, with the help of Gan Dalen, a Vedek, a new awareness, where logic and emotions were in equilibrium within his Pagh/Katra. With the help of the Prophets of the Celestial temple and the strenght of a logical approach to life he found the courage to face his parents. So He returned to T'Khasi, after 3 years on Bajor, after have made study about security and military strategies within the Bajor Militia.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Very sensitive about alchool. Any beverage containing alchool should loose sense.

Other Information


Main interests are: to write (short novels, poems), to listen to music from any different knowed races. He loves Bajoran Music, Rock/classic earthlings, Vulcan soprano, Klingon opera. He loves running, and read human novel noir.

Skills and Abilities

Engineering skills, in particular management of manintenance systems and main starship systems. Tactical and military skills. Capacity of drawn strategies Problem solving


He appears very unusual for a Vulcan male. His use of emotions, facial expression, not verbal communication, even sometimes theatrically, produce frequently a discomfort to ones who relates with him. He's usually very self confident, seeming arrogant and decisive.