Biography for Cadet 4th Year Julianna Hawke

Julianna Hawke

Basic Character Information


Julianna Hawke






Sangre de Christo Mo



Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:





101 lbs

Blood Color:

Green (Vul

Skin Color:

Light Tan

Physical Description

Hawke is petitle and slender, well-muscled physique owing to an active lifestyle. Her hair is straight and hangs to her waist though is generally worn in some sort of a braid when she's on duty. She is graceful and athletic but not given to wearing overly feminine attire.

Position and Ranking


Waiting Assignment


Waiting Assignment


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Hawke's mother, Sevryn, was V'tosh ka'tur; her training was in computers and artificial intelligence. Hawke's father was human; his training was in engineering and robotics. Her choice to be V'tosh Ka'tur necessitated a somewhat nomadic extistence until she met Jeddidiah Hawke. The two were married and made the decision to put family ahead of career. Hawke is the youngest of five children. All five were home-schooled and were taught to be self-reliant and independent. Everything the family has was built and maintained by the family. Betwen studies, chores, and adventures in the wilderness of Colorado, Hawke's childhood was both happy and active. Sevryn died when Hawke was six years old, the same year that her paternal grandfather joined them on the homestead. Hawke had a strong interest in engineering from an early age and, together with her father, grandfather, and two of her brothers, built a shuttle craft from scrounged parts. When she started building a simple robot on her own, her father knew that she would need advanced training. There were a few family meetings and the outcome of those discussions was that Hawke enrolled in Starfleet.


Starfleet Academy - Engineering Major with a Minor in Security

Pre-Starfleet History

- Home-schooled on the Hawke Homestead - Helped build a shuttle craft from scavenged parts. While the ship could not break orbit, it could fly and it was in that ship, that her oldest brother found his love of flying. - Built a crude robot on her own that she used large to pull pranks of her siblings

Starfleet History

Medical History

Physiologically, Hawke is Vulcan right down to the pointed ears and green blood. Other than a broken leg when she was seven, she has had no major injuries or allergies.

Other Information


-The entire Hawke family is addicted to horror movies and have even tried making their own horror programs for the holodeck (with limited success). - Loves to read -- mysteries, history, and another technological - Extreme camping, water sports, climbing. At the Academy someone introduced her to horses and she's been riding on the holodeck or in real life when she can. - Likes to build things. At the Academy, her study group started working on rebuilding older technology items for the challenge.

Skills and Abilities

- Fully integrated, eidetic memory - Intelligent - Contact Telepath - Vulcan strength and senses - Highly adaptive and resourceful - Good at thinking outside of the box - Athletic - owing to her life on a remote homestead, she is comfortable in wilderness settings


The hardest thing that Hawke has had to face through her Academy years is dealing with other Vulcans. Having grown up on Earth, with no real exposure to the Vulcan discipline of logic, this has proven to be a considerable challenge. Those Vulcans she has met want her to embrace logic, something she has not been able to do