Biography for Cadet 4th Year William


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Chasm, Wyoming



Character Physical Information

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Dark Aubur




Blood Color:


Skin Color:

Lightly Ta

Physical Description

Kord is tall and strong, his build that of an ancient Viking. He has close cropped auburn hair, and a full red beard. While his appearance befits a man in his mid 30s, a single look into his steely blue eyes reveals deep pools of melancholy and a hard reserve usually found in one much older.

Position and Ranking


Holodeck 2


Tactical Major


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

William "Kord" Brannigan was born on November 13, 1981, in Chasm, Wyoming, the United States, Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy. His parents, Tyrell and Megan Brannigan, were simple ranchers, with a modest 1100 acres st the feet of the Rockies. Kord grew up working hard, managing stock and laying in crops. He was a bright lad, however, earning the highest marks, and hungered to see the world. On the day he graduated, to his mother's dismay, Kord enlisted with tUS Air Force. He left three days later, never to see his home again.


USAF/USMC Joint Special Operations Command Training Corps Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

In the United States Air Force, Kord was recruited and served as a Special Operations Engineer with a wet works unit known only by the nickname “Browncoats.” A covert raid on a North Korean scientific compound, meant to be a simple snatch and grab, turned sinister when the installation turned out to be not only guarded by an elite team of operatives, but also held a dangerous machine designed to generate unheard of amounts of energy by draining the energy from the other nations of the world. During a firefight, Brannigan attempted to rescue a wounded teammate but instead was thrown into an energy coil of the machine. He disappeared, evidently vaporized. He was not killed, however, but was actually transported centuries into the future. He awoke to a different Earth, one governed not by war, but by the United Federation of Planets. Choosing to keep his origin a secret, Brannigan slowly worked himself into civilization, working first as a freight security officer, then a smuggler, and finally, finding the closest thing to home that he could, as a Starfleet officer.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Other Information


Kord loves horses as well as any relics pertaining to his own time and the Old West. He also has an affinity for camping, country music, and strong coffee.

Skills and Abilities

Having been raised hunting big game in the mountains, Brannigan is an exceptional marksman, even qualifying with the USAF's covered Expert Sniper Mark IV rating. He also has a keen mind when it comes to tactics and computer or electronic systems, commanding the eerie ability to solve nearly any problem with an out of the box solution. Brannigan also developed a strong bluff ability due to surviving a time frame not his own.