Biography for Cadet 4th Year Vaaca Zathara

Vaaca Zathara

Basic Character Information


Vaaca Zathara









Character Physical Information

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Physical Description

Vaaca Zathara is tall, with narrow shoulders and hips, and a muscled frame. When she was younger she was often mistaken for a boy, although that changed over time. She has short, white hair and wide brows.

Position and Ranking


Waiting Assignment


Waiting Assignment


Cadet 4th Year

History And Education

Family and Background

Vaaca Zathara was born on Bajor to a Bajoran Mother and a Human father. However, the family soon left Bajor to escape the turmoil and violence taking place, and settled back on Earth. Zathara's mother and father were both very religious, her father having converted to Bajoran religion soon after meeting her mother. Zathara herself rejected this view of the universe, choosing instead to take an agnostic approach. This resulted in family issues, resulting in her leaving home at a young age (17).


Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History

After leaving home, Vaava Zathara managed to complete her schooling and graduated with very high results in science, english, and physical education, and above average in everything else. She spent the next few years in a repairshop\laboratory on a space station near Alpha Centauri, learning the skills of a mechanic and engineer from a charismatic yet unstable Starfleet dropout named Dr Mari Kutasaki. The two entered a relationship together, but after Dr Kutasaki broke it off Zathara decided that she had learned all she could. She returned home and joined Starfleet as her next great challenge.

Starfleet History

Medical History

Vaaca Zathara has no ongoing medical conditions. When she was a child she suffered from a variety of archaic illnesses, having missed her first vaccinations. These included chicken pox, tetanus, and whooping cough.

Other Information


Vaaca Zathara enjoys most forms of physical activity, aside from any animal riding. She enjoys human literature, and a select amount of Bajoran writings, although anything with a religious edge is hard for her to swallow.

Skills and Abilities

Vaaca Zathara is a skilled mechanic and engineer, who minored in interplanetary physics and advanced warp theory. However, she also has an artistic side and has been known write her personal log a variety of forms of poetry. Zathara was at one point a junior running and rowing champion but has since fallen out of practice. She can speak and write some Bajoran, although these abilities were reluctantly gained.


Zathara is a conflicted woman trying to find her feet. She does not feel at ease with her Bajoran half, but over time that will change. Right now she's just excited to explore new worlds, ideas, and identities.