Creating a character? A walkthrough the application form

Character Information

Full Name:

This is the name of your character, it can be your name or something else you made up...


Human, Bajoran, Trill, you decide. Use Alpha Quadrant Species


Male, Female, both or neither?

Age :

25 or over, seeing the time it takes to complete the Academy

Place of Birth:

Ships, a base? A planet?


Tall or Short?


Thin? Bigger?


Green eyes? Yellow?


Tanned? Black, White? Green?

Blood Colour:

Red? Green?


Brown? Red?

Physical Description:

Overall idea of what others will see when they look at your character? Stocky? Thin? Heavy set?

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended:


Starfleet Academy is a given but what else did you do? Any special research? Colleges? What did you learn before joining Starfleet? Did you attend specific classes?

Biographical Notes

Family and Background:

What can you tell us about your parents? Sisters? Brothers? Cousins? Are we lilkey to see them turn up in the future? Where are they? What do they do?

Pre-Starfleet History:

What did you do before you joined? Served on any ships? Planet bases?

Skills and Abilities Profile


What skills do you have? Can you rewire a warp core in 10 seconds? Phaser skills? Can you work well with the computer? Do you work well with others? Why?

Medical History


Feeling sick in the past? That Borg eye giving you trouble? Tell us about it.

Current Recreational Interests


What do you do on your time off? Holodeck? Running? Swimming?

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