Campus Information

Starfleet Academy was established as a four-year institution, in 2161, with the motto Ex Astris, Scientia (from the stars, knowledge), to serve as a training facility for Starfleet personnel. The main campus of Starfleet Academy, based in The Presidio of San Francisco on Earth, are not too distant from the central hub of Starfleet itself, Starfleet Headquarters.

The Academy exists to teach you how to play, to that end, you will be assigned to an instructor for the duration of your stay at the Academy.


The instructors are members of the game who have been playing successfully for many months or years. It's their job to make you ready for the two of you to work together in attaining the single goal, preparing you for life outside the Academy, on a ship of the fleet.

You will be taught our posting formats. Any other game-related information needed is already provided in the Player's Handbook, a copy of which will have been sent to each cadet on receipt of their application form, so please do not waste either your time or theirs in going over information they already have.

You must make sure that before you can graduate you understand and use the following correctly:

  • Correct subject line
  • Correct use of Mission Header
  • Correct use of in-post headers, including advancing the time and change of location
  • Correct use of all speech/thought/communication formats, including the use of the commbadge and the computer speech
  • Correct use of NRPGs
  • Correct use of reply tags and post footers