Welcome to our free Star Trek email role-playing game. For over a decade, STF has been all about people around the world having fun on their ships and making friends, as together we share Gene Rodenberry's vision of Humanity going out into the stars.

We have three ships with on average ten people on board each one, writing and having fun together. However, unlike many other games, our ships also work together and are joined forming the 52nd Fleet, assigned to a sector of space.

The year is 2414 and STF has long departed the canon storyline of Star Trek, forming our own vision of the future, departing around the return of USS Voyager. Since then, the fleet has been engaged in a Federation wide civil war, encountered the core of our game, the subspace tunnel network and now, finally, returned to their charter of exploration and science based missions... for the most part!

We have a unique game of long standing, a dedicated membership across the spectrum of ages... and we want you to join us and be a part of this special group.

Join us today, the Academy awaits you...

Anthony Keen, aka Admiral Jopek, Fleet Commanding Officer, 52nd Fleet

Jorsad Ari

From the depths of 90 PCs, 363 SPCs and 60 NPCs, this is Lieutenant JG Jorsad Ari



Currently, we have 3 cadets in the Academy and Giles Pichel-Jua, Lenny Fritz, Thomy Burn, have recently graduated. Congratulations to them.

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With the away team on the surface of Irlix, searching for any information on the whereabouts of the crew of the captured USS Bohrs, details of their progress remain unavailable. Since their beam down however, several small details have begun to lock together in a little less confusing puzzle. That a Federation starship visited in some fashion these people within the last two to three decades, is not in question. The real question is what happened to that ship and how did the Irlixians ma... See More

"Friendship must dare to risk, Counselor, or it's not friendship." Picard to Troi TNG/ "Conspiracy"