Robert LoDona

Welcome to our free Star Trek email game. For 20 years, STF has provided a place for anyone to roleplay a character inside the universe as created by Gene Roddenberry. Members from all over the world, who share the optimistic view of humanity going out into the stars, play together to explore that universe.

Currently, we have two ships, with two crews who write and have fun together.

The fleet has been engaged in a Federation wide civil war, encountered the subspace tunnel network and have returned to our charter of exploration. We have a unique game of long standing, a dedicated membership across the spectrum of ages... and we want you to join us and be a part of this special group.

You don’t need to be an expert writer or master of all things Star Trek. You just need to have an imagination and you, like Admiral Robert LoDona, can become a part of our family.

The Academy awaits you... Anthony Keen, Jopek, Federation President


Engineering Update - 6th November

Note : The website is being updated to version 16. I'll document the changes here and in the #engineering page of our Discord

-Added the new front page with the new design and links
-Removed the forums
-Wiki repaired, cleaned and moved to new domain (
-Fleet section design updated
-HQ Section Updated
-Academy Updated

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"At 0800 hours station time, the Romulan Empire formally declared war against the Dominion. They've already struck 15 bases along the Cardassian border. So, this is a HUGE victory for the good guys! This may even be the turning point of the entire war. There is even a 'welcome to the fight' party tonight in the wardroom.

So, I lied, I cheated, I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all, I think I can live with it, and if I had to do it all over again, I would. Garak was right about one thing, a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha quadrant. So I will learn... to live with it.

Because I can live with it... I CAN live with it.

Computer, erase that entire personal log."
~Sisko, The Pale Moonlight